Friday 24th october

25 Oct

OMGFriday already.

Crowds seemed down on yesterday although maybe that was just that everything was less insane than I somehow expected after yesterday.

I got to the Messe about 9:30am. Crowds and queues outside, including the exhibitor queue. With a press pass, you get to skip the queue – but of course mine was still not on anymore 😦

Talked my way past the door guy and went to the information desk. They knew nothing, tried to call someone, got no answer. Sent me to the cloakroom. No, nothing. Back to the info desk, they rang their person and got a negative. Then they told me to go to the main Messe information desk.

That involved heading through the cafeteria, finding the security guy and talking my way in. Ann and Ageeth were first in line. OMGtheyrockmyworld. They later told me that at least 2 other people tried to get in by claiming misplaced passes but they were unsuccessful. Got to the desk – oh yes, we have a pass somewhere. Found it – it was mine.

Meanwhile, I had had to deal with 2 security guards, the information desk, the cloakroom,  the unknown person on the phone, and the Messe organisers. Sigh.

Lesson: Do not lose important stuff.

Off to Lookout Games, where I stowed my bags and headed off. I had come incognito, with a normal top rather than my Lookout Games tshirt. Today was playtime.

First stop was Palais Royale. We had two tables of three which both became four – I played with Brian, Jeremiah and Ward. Rules were in German so Patrick (at the other table) and I had a reading race. I think each of us clarified something with the other. Fun.

Lesson: It’s really easy to miss stuff that is written in bold. Especially if it is also written in red.

Palais Royale reminds me a little of Louis XIV and is probably comparably deep. It’s got some nice area control mechanics and the scoring looks to be interesting. Basically,  you are placing servants in different parts of a palace. Each place you have people (and the number of people you have there) determines possible actions. For each servant you have in the parade ground, for example, you get to bring one new servant into your palace. And for each servant you have in the stairwell, you can move one servant one space. In general, there was a majority bonus – add 1 servant, move 1 more space – if you had the most dudes in the room. Hilarity was caused by the existence of a back door (or rear entrance). “There is no majority bonus at the back door” was probably the quote of the game.

The majority of points come from luring nobles to your court. They start in the big garden area.

Brian had to run to a meeting so we decided to call the game. I think all three of us that were left intended to buy the game (I did, later, for around 20 Euros).

Next stop was HABA, where Jeremiah had something to show us. We filled in time with Auf die Schaetze, fertig, los – which I think should be “Treasure, set, go” rather than “Treasure, ready, go”. OMG I am so picky. This is a nice kids’ game that I think looks to be a bit of a push your luck game. You turn over a sandtimer (around 1 minute) then turn over the top card and fulfil the “mission” on it – Otto (5) would enjoy and Biggie (10) would feel she is too old for. We didn’t get far into the game but basically this might involve grabbing an animal, arranging 6 wooden blocks in a given pattern (OMG Make ‘n’ Break), rolling a die until a particlar face comes up. After completing a mission, you can game where I was 1 point behind the winner … and came 4th out of 5. Yes, 3-way ties do happen.

Today I met lots more people. I hope they take me seriously when I say I am a bit awful with names.

Did I say we played Byzanz? It’s a  nice little card game – nothing too new or exciting but it works well. I expect to buy that.

Cannot say the same for Tenakee which really did not click with our group at all. Not even a bit.

Or Poison, for that matter.

More later – soooooooooo way  overtired.

Went a little sick shopping today:

  • street paintball
  • princes of machu picchu
  • sator whatnot
  • hystericoach
  • one more barrel / medievalia / something else triple treat
  • palais royale
  • kakerlakensalat
  • kakerlakensuppe
  • Sushizock im Gockelwok
  • Flussfieber
  • Powergrid China/Korea
  • Power Grid extra plant (donation for a children’s hospital)
  • Disk World Settlers scenario
  • Krakow 13something
  • Black Stories French

I hear Herr der  Ziegen is good

Tomorrow and Sunday I will be demoing  Le Havre at 9-72 between 10 and 11.

I played part of a LH game today too. Enjoyed it.

Sorry for brief update. Hope to get some more written tomorrow bbut I really am knackered right now.


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4 responses to “Friday 24th october

  1. Gery

    October 25, 2008 at 10:40 am

    Glad to hear you got your pass back and got the chance for some free time today. Look forward to hearing more once you’ve recovered.

  2. Larry Levy

    October 25, 2008 at 11:00 am

    “Palais Royale reminds me a little of Louis XIV and is probably comparably deep.”

    Wow, you sure know how to get a fellow’s attention, Melissa! This has just risen to near the top of my “want to have” list.

    Thank you so much for the OMGBlogs. Keep living the OMGDream!

  3. melissainau

    October 25, 2008 at 4:08 pm

    Larry, just remember that my comments are based on fully half a game 🙂

    The moving from room to room is an interesting mechanic and seemed to work well. That was the part that really reminded me of Louis.

  4. Tom Rosen

    October 27, 2008 at 2:33 am

    Ditto what Larry said. Palais Royale had not been on my radar at all (been paying more attention to the likes of Le Havre, Dominion, Snow Tails, Cavum, Municipium, Sylla, Chicago Express, and Machu Picchu), but now that you’ve compared it to Louis XIV (one of my favorite games), I definitely need to look into it more. Thanks for the great Essen reports. It’s nice to finally have in-depth and real-time posts from another source in addition to ol’ Kulkmann’s G@amebox. I hope you’re enjoying it as much as you had hoped and that you manage to get all those games home without too much trouble (hey, at least you don’t have this many:, hehe).


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