Sunday 26th – part 1

28 Oct

Woke just before 7, not sure whether it was old time or new time. That’s a definite problem with a mobile phone and PC that auto-adjust. Fortunately I had my analogue watch on as well. It was just before 7, old time, so just before 6, new. Time to OMGPACK some more.

Now when I packed to come here, I packed as sparingly as possible. People that met my suitcases may not agree with that, but they were mostly filled with loot for other people. I had already unloaded some clothes at Hanno’s, but there was more to go here.

One challenge was that the tops I had worn out on Thursday and Friday nights stank of smoke. They were keepers, but I didn’t want anything getting near them and picking up the smell.

Opened the new suitcase from last night for a refresher. Weight, not space, was the critical factor here. I should not have stuffed my games with card games. Opened bag, took out card games, substituted new (clean) socks. They will hold the box shape but won’t weigh as much. Even so, the scales registered the case at 22 kg or so.

Threw out MORE STUFF. Leftover shampoo and toiletries. The moisturiser sample pots that I’ve been collecting all year. Even my electric toothbrush and toothpaste were discarded. They were Just Too Heavy.

Packed heavy stuff in carryon bag. Packed boxes. Transferred some boxes to bags because I was going to take them back to the Messe to turn over to Hanno.

Three bags of “rubbish” later, I was done.

Weight limit: 40 kilos

Carryon bag limit: 7 kilos

Suitcase 1 (new): 22 kilos

Suitcase 2 (old): around 23 kilos

Carry-on bag: 12+ kilos

Handbag: Probably another 4 (it has my PC in it, among other things)

Jacket: 4-5 kilos? Yay for zipup pockets

Box 1: At hotel.

Brekky time. On the way out of the breakfast room, the breakfast superviser stopped me.

Guy: “You had the Agri-Cola bottle in your room”

Me: Yes

Guy: “That’s a game, isn’t it.”

Me: Yes

Guy: Any chance you could get me one of those bottles too?

Me: Sure, I’ll bring one back today.

I even remembered.

Dumped bags in the Kofferraum and headed for the Messe. Late. I missed my 10am demo commitment (apologised to Uwe for this later). But packing was kind of important too.

Packed games into boxes at the OMGMESSE.



On arrival, Hanno announced that my train problems were solved. Thomas was going to drive me to the airport.

Me: But I’m not leaving from this airport, I’m leaving from Frankfurt.

Hanno: Yes. That’s the one Thomas is going to take you to.


He even lives close – Hanno thought it was maybe a 10 minute detour – so I didn’t even need to feel guilty.

I was all out of L deck cards, which was not a happy thing for people who had been collecting them. It’s nice to be popular 😉  I started defacing other people’s cards, crossing out their name and replacing it with “OMG!” and then signing them. Heh.

Had arranged to meet up with John (and possibly Jon)  at 11 to wander and shop. I was keen to find Pilot Games so I could get the Duel in the Dark expansions for Fraser, so we wandered around Hall 6. This was both scary and amazing – it was the hall where the fake (and real?) weapons and armour were sold. Some incredibly detailed costumes. Wings seemed to be popular  with lots of the women, this year.

We couldn’t find Pilot Games but we found Adrian from OMGAUSTRALIA. He said he was so glad to hear a familiar accent. They had had a good faiir and had enjoyed themselves. I did the Boardgames Australia schmooze and chatted for a while.

Quote of the Messe: “Oh I hope I don’t go home a virgin!”


Me: Oh, I had a root canal in Hungary

Guy: Oh I thought you were going to stop before canal!


Found Jon who dragged us back to Hall 6, via a stop to explain OMGLEHAVRE. We should have made time to do this, as it is a really interesting game and is very easy to explain. Maybe I should try to do that when I get home, in all the copious free time that I will have.

He showed us Corunea, a collectible card game (which may be some sort of roleplaying gmae?) from France. The artwork and level of detail on the cards is just beautiful. I went to buy a copy but the lovely guys on the stand saw my press pass and insisted on giving me a freebie instead. So nice!

Next stop was Pilot Games, for the expansions and a quick chat with the designer (OMG I forgot to get things signed! Me = idiot). Saw Barbara Nostheide from Spielbox so said hi to her too. Recognising people met earlier during the show was really fun and added to the sense of belonging/being a part of it. Of course, in OMGBRIGHTORANGE with my name blazoned across my chest and back, I was kind of hard to forget.

John wanted to look at children’s games, so we cut through the courtyard like old pros and headed for Haba in Hall ?11?. On the way, I picked up a signed copy of Powerboats. By now, I had abandoned my quest to get EVERY SINGLE GAME that I bought signed with a smutty message from the designer.

At HABA, we looked at Auf die Schaetze, fertig, los and also at Zoff im Huehnerhof. He agreed that Zoff im Huehnerhof is really about flinging poo not flinging chicken feed and we had a little bond about poo games. The game that got our attention, though was Knoblauch Vampire – a game about the only vampires in the world who like garlic. John picked up a copy of this for the Little Hippo – I will wait for Al to order it.

Enjoyed looking at some beautiful Kugelbahne and fondled some sheep (well John did) before heading to the OMGRestaurant for lunch. Food on offer was the same as in the cafeteria, just 50 cents more, but we got to sit at a table for as long as we wanted and be brought food and drinks. OMGYAY. Some of the rest of England wandered up as well.

More goodbyes.

Back to the stand where I chatted with Frank Schulte-Kulkmann and his wife and slipped him some things for his prize draw. OMG the joy of being able to abuse power.

Chatted with Zev, who has some games for me (did I tell the story about Pandemic being shipped from China in a WOODEN CRATE? Without a CE symbol? Quite a few ZMan games were stuck on the wharf…) but I arranged for my flunky – errm, husband – to collect them at BGGcon. Because my luggage was already so far more than over full.

Bought some more games but couldn’t find a copy of  Diamonds Club. Sigh. Despite my OMGSHOPPINGOVERLOAD, I still definitely missed out on a few. Didn’t get Cavum either, although i did pick up a copy of Deutschland Siedler – I figure that’s not likely to come to Australia. Also got some little games from Cocktail Games – Soupe a la Gertrude, Robot Master (a Reiner game that looks great) and a couple of copies of Tai Chi Chuan, one for me and one for a gift. They come in TINS.

And suddenly, it was time to go. Missed saying goodbye to most people I wanted to say goodbye to as I couldn’t find them, and shed a small tear saying goodbye to Hanno (and the Messe). I get very emotional when I am tired.

Back to hotel, collected my bags, dropped off the cola for Breakfast Guy. And off we went.

Mostly we sat on a sedate 100-120 but we did hit 160 at one point. OMG!

We were at Frankfurt airport in tons of time – the drive was really fast. Not just because of the 160 but because there wasn’t a huge amount of traffic on the roads.

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One response to “Sunday 26th – part 1

  1. Racing Hippo

    October 31, 2008 at 3:42 am

    Pygmy Hippo has been repeatedly asking to play Die Knoblauch Vampire. Now that he’s got the hang of the concept of bluffing, he just needs to practice getting good at it. In the meantime, it’s extremely funny watching him not-peeking at our colours and blatantly not moving his colour or making excuses when he does.
    Highly recommended for adult entertainment value!

    Ahh… I miss that sheep…


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