Thursday night new OMGESSEN! gameapalooza part 2

30 Oct

Ghost Stories won the draw and we sat down to play. After the third time when I had to ask, “huh?” we knew that I was too tired to take it in. Save that for another day.

Instead, we played a couple of the Adlung card games I picked up.

First was Titanic – le mythe. Yes, somehow we have a French box for this game. English rules are not good, German are a little better. It was fairly pedestrian, but might be better with more players. Very short, so worth one more try anyway. Fraser won by a long way, 19:7

And then we played Manimals, the game that has spawned a series. It was – hmm – again, we think it would be better with a group. And I think Biggie will really enjoy it. I won this 11:9 and would have won by more if only Scorpions grew from larvae and something else lived by  a pond.

Melissa’s favourite symbol: “Is not an elf.” (Actually, “does not have external ears”)

Fraser’s favourite symbol: “Has a bum like a pig.”  (Actually, “has a tail”)

I just wish I thought I could persuade someone to play Dinosaur manimals with me!

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Posted by on October 30, 2008 in essen, games


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