Friday night new OMGESSEN! gameapalooza

01 Nov

Vince and Anja came over for games.

This was a good thing, as it was possibly the only thing that was EVER going to get me out of bed again. I am still OMGSOJETLAGGED coupled with OMGCaughtBiggie’sCold. Or possibly Hay Fever. Will experiment with antihistamines today. Basically, though, I am awake in the early morning and in the late evening and that’s about it – the rest of the time I am completely wrecked.

Before they came, though, we played a couple of cards of Black Stories with the Bigster. This is that old game that you play when you go on school camps, where someone tells a very summarised (usually gruesome) story and the other players have to work out the full story by asking yes/no questions.

For example:

  • Two men are eating dinner in a restaurant. One of them runs outside and kills himself. Why?
  • A woman walks intto a bar and asks for a glass of water. The barman pulls out a rifle and aims it at her. She thanks him and leaves. (This from the game, but I remembered it from my schooldays)

Bigster enjoyed them although she needed some help framing appropriate questions. Otto asked random questions that often just restated the basic premise – but enjoyed it and felt that she was playing too.

Once Vince and Anja arrived, the game selection AP kicked in. Anja was interested in Krakow or Agricola. Vince was keen to try Le Havre. Somehow, we ended up playing Duck Dealer. 

The rules explanation (reading & summarising straight from the rules) was a bit long and confusing but the game itself was much simpler. Basically, you collect actions (trade, movement, building) until you are ready to go and take one long series of actions to get points and resources. It is a bit like Ticket to Ride in the way that players tend to collect, collect, collect — then someone goes and does stuff and everyone else follows.

We enjoyed it. It ran around 2.5 hours for us and as I was very tired that might not have been the best way to go. We all felt that we would like to play it again (and more competently). The bits and layout worked well and we all enjoyed the different ways to build things. My favourite was blue paint plus beads equals blue pills.

Vince won with 67, then Fraser 45, me 42 and Anja 33. I just needed the Space Diner at the End of the Galaxy card and victory would have been mine.

Ooops, mixing games up again.

Game day today and I am taking my OMGESSEN! loot – Fraser is hoping to play Duck Dealer again. I’m hoping to try Dominion and then Vince and I both want to play Le Havre later. Ghost Stories is another that I’m keen to try.

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