Saturday new OMGESSEN! gameapalooza – not

01 Nov

Bounced off excitedly for Eurogamesfest, our monthly games day. We had both kids in tow, as neither wanted to go to their grandparents’ today (they wanted to stay with me).

Played some more Black Stories in the car. Biggie is going to go through all 50 cards in no time.

My day kicked off with Palais Royale with JC and Ryan. Ryan won by a point from JC. It does seem to lend itself to close results – probably not a bad thing.

Otto wanted a game so we played a couple of hands of Quick – she had the cards open, I played by the usual rules. It was still quite a bit slower for her, so we stopped fairly quickly and I persuaded her to try Beep Beep.

This game by Reinhard Staupe is published by Valley Games. I’ve seen it described as a cross between  Blink (Speed) and Halli Galli, which seems pretty accurate to me.

Each player has 2 animal cards in front of herself, and there are 5 larger piles in the centre of the table. In the middle of  those is a rubber car that squeaks when you whack or squeeze it. The purpose of the game is “to avoid running over animals”. You do that by collecting an animal card that matches the one on top of one of your piles in either colour or shape. So a purple turtle could go on a purple duck or a green turtle, for example. Players all play at once, as fast as possible. The winner is the player with the most cards in her smaller pile. Meanwhile, if there are ever three of the same kind of animal or three animals of the same colour on top of the five piles, a player can hit the car – beep beep! She then takes 2 of those animals and places them face down beside her piles – they will count towards her score whichever pile is lower.

This is a nice little game and one that the kids really enjoyed. And the adults too. Unfortunately, Otto cracked it when the Bigster took a pink turtle as part of her booty after she hit the car. Screams and carrying on – this was the tantrum that had been building since I got home, and what a tantrum it was! I took her for a walk to the local park – she screamed and yelled all the way – and let her play for a bit. But it was cold and I was cranky, and she announced that she was NOT going to behave for the rest of the afternoon. This last in a reasonably polite way, just it was clear that she wouldn’t settle – so instead of playing Le Havre with Stefanie and Vince, I got to take her home instead.


Oh well – I slept most of the afternoon. Which meant she ended up with the treat of computer time, but I really wasn’t able to stay awake without other people there to help me.

Meanwhile, Fraser played Duck Dealer and another group played Ghost Stories. I saw the Bigster playing Manimals at one point, too. We shall see what else was explored.

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Posted by on November 1, 2008 in essen, family, games


One response to “Saturday new OMGESSEN! gameapalooza – not

  1. gregor

    November 2, 2008 at 1:54 pm

    I’m sorry you had to go. I was looking forward to hearing all about OMGESSEN.
    Played a great game of Duck Dealer with Fraser.

    Hope to see you next time!


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