Diary of a Lone Parent. Day 2.

20 Nov

7.00 mobile phone beeps. I turn it off and roll over. The new iPod alarm clock will go off in a sec.

7.30 hmm … shouldn’t the other alarm clock have … OMG IS THAT THE TIME??? Yeesh! Jump up, prepare kids’ lunches, put away dishes from last night. Check email.

8.00 Biggie gets up. Put on laundry load #1. Supervise her getting breakfast, make sure all lunches are labelled, get out clothes for Otto.

8.15 Otto gets up. Make breakfast (jam on toast, cut into 6 rectangles per slice of bread), put out clothes. Discuss whether there is swimming today (she thinks not, I suggest that maybe she should wear her swimsuit just in case. She agrees.) Investigate alarm clock and discover that Fraser never told the iPod that it is daylight savings time (he took my nano with him to bggcon and left the big one for me to toy with). It thinks it is an hour later than it is. I fix that.

8.30 Jump in the shower, get dressed.

8.45 Get Otto dressed. Pack her school bag, put swimming stuff in there too.

8.50 Tell Biggie to get off the computer.

8.52 Tell Biggie to get off the computer.

8.55 Tell Biggie to get off the computer. Herd children out the door.

9.05 Arrive at school, late. Chat with 2 teachers while I sign the kids in in the late book.

9.15 Home, makeup, pack work bag. Find coins for tram fare. Do breakfast dishes. Turn off TV.

9.45 Leave for work. Drive to school, park near there, so I can just get off the tram at school this afternoon. Realise that when Fraser cleaned out the car he took out the emergency umbrellas. Wish I had an emergency umbrella as I shelter under a tree waiting for a tram. In the rain.

10.40 Get to work. Decide to work through without a lunch break today, as there is a lot to be done and the client wants to have the report by next Wednesday. And writing the report depends on me checking the data.

Realise that the survey site we are using allows you to create a “date” answer, but does not allow you any way to retrieve those answers in a table or as free text. Apparently I went white. My colleague got back from lunch in the middle of my very professional expletive-laden fit and thought something was seriously wrong. Realise that we can download the entire raw dataset as a CSV file then delete the other billion columns to just keep the dates. Discover that each response uses a variable number of lines in the spreadsheet that I have to delete. Curse some more and then get on with it. Take a brief break and see mention of Fraser in someone’s BGGcon twittering. Realise that he is never going to collect these things or blog about BGGcon so really as a Good And Kind Wife I need to kind of remotely blog for him. Or, as I prefer to call it, stalk him. Get back to work. Ring plumber and arrange for him to come tomorrow. We bond about crappy dishwashers that are difficult to install.

14.30 OMG is that the time already????? Start packing up. I am only up to question 40 or so of 52, but the last few shouldn’t take toooooooo long.

14.32 Company director gets back and asks whether I have 15 minutes in the next hour or so.

Me: I have to leave to collect my kids, but I can review something on the tram if you like.

He is happy.

14:50 Get on tram. Ticket inspectors board. Good: I have one. Review J’s report.

15:10 Call J with comments. Another set of Ticket Inspectors board. I hear one of them tell another passenger that you don’t get a prize until you are checked 3 times. My comments echo J’s so that is good. Write shopping list.

15.20 Get off tram near school … as the THIRD set of ticket inspectors gets onto the tram. Laugh with fellow passenger (wish I was getting the prize though! LOL!). Walk up to school, sort through lost property bins in Otto’s classroom and find some of her clothes. Yay. She did not go swimming.

15.35 School over, speak with Biggie’s teacher. I need something from the Vice Principal. Chat with School Secretary while I wait for VP to be finished with a parent. Eventually realise that she will never be finished with that parent or possibly that she has forgotten me. Collect kids, walk to car, drive to supermarket.

16.05 Go to bank, take kids to toilet, do supermarket shopping. Today’s theory is Treasure Hunts – each girl has her own shopping list. It doesn’t entirely quell the angst of supermarket shopping with 2 children but it definitely helps.

16.30 home, kids play with bubble mix. Realise I left my keys in the front door and one of the kids closed it. Encourage Biggie to climb out a window to go around and get them. Put bins out, put rubbish and recycling in them, check freezer. A mini-goal of mine is to eat some of the food in there – make a start by cooking fish fillets and wedges for the girls tonight. Also find some treats (choc chip banana bread) for lunchboxes tomorrow, and get some honey soy lamb out for tomorrow. Put away dishes. Check email. Check bgg. Add to Fraser’s third-party blog.

18.24 Girls are yelling at each other because Biggie looked at Otto. Sigh. I’m off to get tomorrow’s school lunches ready.

Edited to add:

18.30 Sit down with the Bigster to do some revision for her German “exam” on Saturday. I assume that the exam material is deliberately difficult – there is no way she is up to most of this stuff. She cracks it in a big way and starts yelling. After the third time, I send her to bed. She’s overtired and the only way out is sleep. Meanwhile Otto has managed to spill bubble mix all over the floor. Sigh.

18.50 Dishes. Listen to Otto’s reading. She’s doing well but lacks confidence – we need to work with her more on this.

19.00 phone call – V is in the area & wants to drop in. Sounds good to me.

19.45 or so – put Otto to bed. In my bed “because your gaming friend is here”. Little rules lawyer – at least I didn’t have to sit with her for an hour tonight. Back to V and we play Crack- errm, Dominion twice. And chat. Then he needs to go so we chat for at least another half an hour. Heh.

23.00 or so – more dishes, check lunches for tomorrow (savoury pastry wheels, wedges for Bigster, fruit salad (Otto: nectarine, apricot, strawberries; Claudia: cherries and strawberries), Chocolate chip banana bread. In the morning, I will make sandwiches.). Teeth, washing, update blog, then bed.

Meanwhile, the To-do list:

  • Finish analysis of project for work – Thursday – not finished yet – will need to do some tonight or tomorrow
  • Arrange plumber to come and remove old dishwasher – aim for Friday – arranged. Expected 8am Friday *shudder*
  • Measure cavity properly – Friday – plumber may help with this 🙂
  • Buy new dishwasher, arrange delivery and installation – aim for Friday week
  • Sofa (doubt there will be time for this) – maybe Sunday?? Saturday??
  • Send gift to sister-in-law in Sydney. Late with this already. – Friday?
  • Start to plan Christmas. I would usually have most of my shopping done by the time Fraser will be back. – this is thinking stuff
  • OMG Dishes – right now – done. And to do.
  • OMG Laundry!!! Still!!! Ugh!!! – right now, if washing machine has finished – Ditto
  • Pre-work on another project – by the end of the weekend
  • Help Biggie prepare for German exam on Saturday – tomorrow after school.
  • Pay myself (!) – tonight – done
  • Transfer money to ING – tonight – done
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