Diary of a Lone Parent, Day 3.

21 Nov

Not hour-by-hour today.

Up at 7. iPod alarm thingo didn’t work again. Need to look into why. My guess is because I was listening to music last night – I think I need to put it in again after I press stop.

7.24 phone call from my brother: my sister-in-law isn’t well (I have my suspicions but Fraser will tell you I always suspect that) and would I be able to mind my niece? The kids are overjoyed. I contemplate the wisdom of increasing my Degree of Difficulty by 50% and decide that if I can manage my own 2 kids I can manage Niece as well. Ignoring the fact that I frequently fail spectacularly at managing my own 2 kids. Oh well …

8.00 plumber comes and removes old dishwasher. Because he is a sweetie, he also fixes my buggered downpipe that keeps turning upside down. Without asking or anything. Old dishwasher is gone and we have a little bond about what a bitch they were to install. I hope that the little hole behind the dishwasher that looks like it might have been made by mice wasn’t. It might just be a crack in the skirting board *hopes* … hmmm … is this what blu tac was invented for?

9ish kids to school, find Otto’s lost hat. Stop to chat with the Out of School Hours Care co-ordinator (who also does literacy & numeracy support). She’d asked me for some game recommendations and had bought a bunch of new games for the OSHC program, and I wanted to ask her how they were going. She and the Assistant Co-ordinator couldn’t rave about them enough – they said they are in play Every Single Day, they are great, they don’t know how they managed without them, etc etc etc. That really made me feel great – I had sort of dreaded that they might not ever get played because the kids didn’t know them. Off the top of my head, I can remember


  • Halli Galli
  • Apples to Apples Junior
  • Catch the Match
  • Number chase
  • Make ‘n’ Break


and I know there were others too.

Home again and Dave dropped Niece off – she sobbed and sobbed when Daddy left. To the extent that she got a Blood Nose! OMG! (Not much, just pink snot, but still …)

Anyway, I distracted her and we played with Peek-a-Blocks and Lego and Fisher Price Little People until it was time for her to have some food (Dave brought it all packed in a teeny tiny esky). Then I put her in her pram and walked up to the swimming pool to Parent Help at Otto’s swimming class. Got there early so we swung by Aldi (no e) for supplies. So much for her sleeping “between 1 and 3 hours”- she was awake again after about 20 minutes. Possibly my fault for winding her up – all morning she had been asking, “See Otto?” “See Biggie?” “Otto swimming?”

Parents were surprised to see me with a different child.

Tried to get her to sleep on the way home but failed dismally. I told her sternly that I expected her to sleep but ha! – she just sang some songs, getting louder and louder until I got her up.

The nice thing about spending so much time with her was that she actually spoke to me – usually when I see her she is much too shy to speak. I was “Auntie Lissa” all day, and she wanted to know where Fraser was. Dave tells me she does that a lot anyway.

Meanwhile, my sister-in-law had rung sounding crappy so I told her to wait as late as she could before picking Niece up. My kids would have killed me if they hadn’t got to play with her, anyway.

Now meanwhile, having got rid of the old broken dishwasher (by putting him on a plane to bgg.con — no wait …), I had rung around for prices on the new one that we wanted. Discovering (being reminded) that Miele don’t discount, I had – this morning – ordered from the big department store where I get shopping credits and OMG TIER credits (just like a frequent flyer program).

Then the mail arrived … with an invitation to a shopping night for cardholders, offering 15% off dishwashers. Not listing exceptions like “not for Miele”. That would save me $300 or so on this dishwasher. Ouch.

I bitched about this to my brother later, and he said “Oh! I have 20% off there for the next 3 days!” — omg that would be $400. Yeeeouch. I am going to ring my sales guy tomorrow and ask if he can do anything – because that’s a LOT of money to spend if I don’t have to. I won’t cancel the sale if he can’t, but I might be tempted. At least he thinks they can deliver and install on Tuesday.

Now I am second-guessing the wisdom of choosing whitegoods (that are actually stainless steel goods) on teh internet without actually looking at them. Meh.

Work rang to say we won a job that we bid on at the start of the week. Wish more clients would have that sort of turnaround. First deliverable is due December 1st, so we need to get a move on.

Sorted socks. We have, as a result of cleaning out all the laundry in the house, a garbage bag full of unsorted socks. I did a very quick run through it today and got about 20+ pairs out of it. I am tempted to throw out the rest of the bag and just start again, but that would probably be Wrong.

Drove my brother’s car (it has the child seat) to collect the kids. Haven’t driven a manual for a while. Worse, it has the indicators on the left of the steering wheel. Which is dumb because that’s the OMG WRONG SIDE and also dumb because when you want to indicate you often want to change down a gear too but you only have one left hand not two. At least, unless you are a mutant you do. And designing cars for mutants is probably not terribly lucrative.

Talk to teachers about stuff that needs to be done (very routine), talk to acting principal as Bigster has been acting up at home and we are concerned about her. She is Very concerned and promises to set me up with the school counsellor as soon as she can, so that the counsellor can then chat with the Bigster. Growing up is hard hard hard and Biggie just goes to pieces when she is tired – she doesn’t have coping skills to pull herself back together. Maybe this time we will get help?

Discovered that we have no water pressure at all on the cold tap in the kitchen sink. This is clearly due to a Plumbing Mishap and I will have to call the plumber to get them to come and sort it out. Is it worth it when I have other sinks and another plumber coming on Tuesday anyway? Probably.

Talked to cleaner about doing ironing too, probably as a once-off. Yay our agency, who I had asked about costs – they told her and got her to call me directly as we already have a relationship (she has been cleaning for us for at least 6 years, probably more like 8).

Booked a babysitter for my work christmas party night. Warned her that I may be very late home and rather the worse for wear. Two years ago we ended up at Mme Brussels with a client fetching me Mojito after Mojito. I don’t remember where we were last year – clearly it wasn’t up to 2006 standards.

Helped the Bigster a bit with her German homework.

Spoke to my mother about shopping, Christmas, niece and OMG DO NOT BUY MY KIDS LOLLIES PLEASE!!!

Cooked dinner – lamb stir fry. This would be a good plan except that my kids would be vegetarian apart from the fact that they do not eat veggies either. Managed to persuade them that it was really Souvlaki (omg again) and serve it on pita bread. They eat lettuce, some shredded carrot, and lamb. OMG not onion or capsicum – gross! (sigh).

Discovered that The Cupboard Under The Sink was semi-flooded. This must have been dishwasher residue. Threw out a huge bag of old cleaning products and still have way too many, but at least they are now lined up tidily in a dry cupboard. I will not buy any more until I have cleaned my oven four times and polished all my floors three times. And shampooed the carpet and de-flea’d the cat (OK, threw that one out … we haven’t had a cat for 4 years). I did however throw out the silver polish. I have better things to do with my life.

Otto went to bed in my bed because it is game night, even though no-one is here. That works for me. I had a coke (only fizzy drink in the house … it was good but not quite as good as I remembered – think I will be able to pass on it in future), chatted to a couple of friends and am contemplating bed.

Email from my French teacher which is good because I wanted to email her – hoping she might have time for some private lessons, as fitting into a class right now would be tricky. I manage to tell her some stuff about my trip and the gift I bought her, in French. Yay.

Dishes are done, benches wiped. I do feel efficient, although I also feel like the Queen Of Spending/Outsourcing. I still want to get a handyman in to fix some door handles and stuff. And maybe clean out the gutters – there was a big splash outside the kitchen windows tonight. 

Ooo – and I saw the OMG BEST IDEA EVER today – instead of hiring a skip, you can get people to drop off a lockable 4m^3 trailer that you fill in your own time over 2-3 days. Same cost, much easier, no permits required. I could probably get them to put it under my carport, if I cleared room. And I have lots of bags of rubbish to get rid of.

If Fraser read that, he would understand it as: I AM GOING TO THROW AWAY ALL OF FRASER’S GOOD AND SPECIAL STUFF WHILE HE IS OVERSEAS. Which is not true, but a bit of paranoia never hurt anyone.

To-do list: Add “change globe in front light” – it blew today. 😦

Tomorrow, we are due to get a month’s average rainfall in 24 hours. This affects me because

  • my first thought was, OMG I should get a rain tank!!! (bit late …)
  • we are meant to be helping out on an outdoor trash and treasure/damper making stall at a community fun day between 4 and 7 pm. Thank goodness for Gore Tex…

When I lack the luxury of time, I lack the luxury of editing out the uninteresting stuff from my posts. Sorry.

Meanwhile, the To-do list:

  • Finish analysis of project for work – Thursday – not finished yet – will need to do some tonight or tomorrow
  • Measure cavity properly – Friday – plumber may help with this ) done
  • Buy new dishwasher, arrange delivery and installation – aim for Friday week
  • Sofa (doubt there will be time for this) – maybe Sunday?? Saturday??
  • Send gift to sister-in-law in Sydney. Late with this already. – Friday?
  • Start to plan Christmas. I would usually have most of my shopping done by the time Fraser will be back. – this is thinking stuff
  • Dishes – Never ending.
  • OMG Laundry!!!  – Ditto
  • Pre-work on another project – by the end of the weekend
  • Pre-work on new project we won today – by Monday
  • Help Biggie prepare for German exam on Saturday – tomorrow after school. realising how much she has not done. Sigh. It’s hard for smart kids to realise they need to study. She is panicking a bit – I will have to walk her to class tomorrow. At least she learned to conjugate verbs tonight, I think.
  • Change globe in front light
  • Find handyman
  • Book trailer
  • Clear space under car port
  • Check if Community day thingy is going ahead, despite the weather
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