Diary of a Lone Parent, Day 4

22 Nov

Today feels like catch-up and additional notes on other days’ comments.

Biggie’s German exam

We did some study before it. I think she may be starting to understand verbs. Her teacher is very happy with her progress this year. She is less happy, which I think is a good thing.


Rang, he agreed that we should have water pressure. Possibly the dishwasher was not installed properly in the first place. He is going to send someone else out first thing Monday morning.

Work – new project

10am teleconference with client. If plumber is late, I may have to phone in.


Installation confirmed for Tuesday (my preferred day). Yay. Also, the 15% off sale excludes Miele. As does the 20% off for my brother’s work. Double yay.


Got to chat today, which was nice. The kids were really excited.

Other activities

very wet today – even hail on at least two occasions. Otto was amazed. ICE is falling from the SKY. Wow.

Went out to staff a trash and treasure/damper making stall at a community fun day, for Bigster’s Guides Unit. Got there and they were least in sight – after about 20 minutes we found someone in the know who told us the Guides had cancelled. Would have been nice to have known. I had a sense of accomplishment though, for getting the girls there dressed APPROPRIATELY in jeans/fleecy pants, Kathmandu anoraks and gum boots. And they had a sense of accomplishment because there were puddles to jump in. However grown-up the Bigster thinks she is, she still loves puddle jumping. And we had sausages. Headed for home and the guides leader rang back – she’d figured that parents would realise that crap weather meant cancelled. Oh well.

Both girls made chocolate ripple cakes today. Biggie because she has a recorder class party tomorrow, Otto because Biggie was making one. Yum.

Booked Hire-a-hubby — well, at least, put in a request for someone to call me. I have lots of handyman type jobs that need doing here and no-one has time to do them. Tomorrow, Otto and I will go to Bunnings (big home depot-type store) for essential supplies.

Emailed my brother to see if he can give me a hand moving rubbish into a trailer next weekend. Fingers crossed!

Tried to change the busted globe on the outside light but it needs unscrewing well above my head height. The hire a hubby can do it, I think.

Very tired today – I didn’t sleep at all well the last 2 nights. Have warned the kids to sleep in tomorrow OR ELSE 😉

Meanwhile, the ipod alarm thingy still does not work. I have a nagging suspicion maybe this model officially doesn’t work and I ignored it because I have a nano.

Well, I do when it is not in another country 😉

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