Lone Parent Update as the days blur into one another (Days 5 and 6)

24 Nov

I said “They had better let me sleep in tomorrow.”

They woke me up, squabbling, at 6:40am. Sigh.

I stayed in bed till 9am on principle.

More updates:


Put in a request through their website. No response yet. I will call tomorrow morning, I think. Went to Bunnings (huge hardware store) on Sunday – that was a saga. I thought I’d go to the one near Bigster’s recorder class, but it turned out that store wasn’t open yet so we had to go to the old one just up the road. Which was really really small and didn’t have everything I wanted. So after Bigster’s recorder class, we went out to the other one, which is huge. But I had two ratty kids, late on a Sunday afternoon, and it was not hugely successful. Still, I got the stuff I wanted.

OMG letterboxes are expensive!!!


Came this morning and found a valve that wasn’t open properly. He was here for maybe 10 minutes total and says he will put us on the “easy house” list. Kids were late for school because I had to reschedule everything around plumber being in the house around 8am – but that was dealable.

Work – new project

Got some good work done today. OMG got email from another client wanting something reviewed by COB Wednesday. Suspect the answer is “wow no way” but I will give it a go. Maybe I can print it out to read while the kids have their swimming classes tomorrow? That would be a start.


Installation confirmed for tomorrow. Everything is ready. They are even coming at a civilised time.


Had an OMGwonderful time at BGGcon, and is headed for NY. Sounds like he has plenty to keep him busy, as well as verrrry full bags.


Bigster’s Instrumental Music Concert tonight. They cut it up so tonight was only the recorder and string students. OMG GOOD PLAN, SCHOOL!!! Because while my darling daughter of course plays impeccably, the other kids are not so fabulously talented. And the Instrumental Music concerts are traditionally around 150 minutes of Purgatory. Tonight’s was only about 50 minutes long. Good show.

Why have I invited 2 of Bigster’s friends and their mothers and her recorder teacher over for lunch on Saturday? Sigh.

Other stuff

Spent 15 minutes or so matching DVDs with covers. It needs doing more regularly. Probably a task I could give one of the kids.

Cleaner took ironing basket away. OMGYAY. I told her it is OK if it doesn’t return till next Monday.

Had a phone call today from a friend who I’ve not spoken to in a while. OMGLOVELY to catch up. Funny story behind it though…

Last night I had an email from a friend (P) (from my Uni days) who I haven’t seen for AGES, asking “were you at the game fair in Essen?” and pointing to one of Dale Yu’s articles where I was named (and shamed?). I replied yes.

Then another friend from Uni (J), who is active on Boardgamegeek, IM’d me to confirm exactly what I had done with Agricola. I said why, he said he was responding to an email.
Me: From P? 
Him: Yes.

Anyway, seems the email was to a group of people, because old friend who rang today (M) said, so what’s all this about you jetsetting off to do things with games?


I am amused because (a) it clearly took a while for any news of this to get out – which I would assume was because it is not terribly interesting, except that (b) now at least 2 people are interested. 

Going to M’s birthday party this weekend so I should be able to catch up with people. At least, I will if I book my parents to babysit. Shame I can’t run to a copy of Agricola for him as a gift.

Between ironing, handyman, dishwasher, plumber and the various other expenses, it is entirely possible that I will spend more than Fraser during the two weeks that he is TRAVELLING and ON HOLIDAY. Yeesh.

Meanwhile, I have given up on the to-do list. It only makes me feel a failure 🙂


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2 responses to “Lone Parent Update as the days blur into one another (Days 5 and 6)

  1. Tom Rosen

    November 25, 2008 at 7:37 pm

    Being a lone parent sounds incredibly hectic!

    When my To Do Lists gets out of control, I add things to them that are already done so I can check them off right away… helps increase the % of completed items at least… even if it’s actually a waste of time that could’ve been spent doing things that need to get done 🙂

    It was great to meet Fraser at BGG.CON, next time I hope to also meet you there.

  2. melissainau

    November 25, 2008 at 7:49 pm

    Oooo Tom now that’s a plan!

    There’s actually a bunch of “thinky” stuff on there that I need to just start pondering. Not so time-consuming, but still Ugh.


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