Lone Parent Update Day 7

25 Nov

10am appointment with school Social Worker to talk about the Bigster 😦 — so I stayed and helped in Otto’s classroom for the first hour. That was kind of fun but frustrating as she focuses on me and doesn’t interact with other people when I am there. She’s much better than she was at the start of the year, though.

Funny moment – some older girls were performing a song for the kids and one of them announced, “My dad told me I have to say this … there’s kind of a rude word in this, but it is really in the original, it’s from a very famous opera called Sweeney Todd …”
Other girl: “It’s not a rude word!”
First girl: “Apparently it is to a prep!”
Teacher (to another teacher): “Wish they’d run that by us first! 

Then the first girl forgot her lines and they gave up before they got to the swear word!!! How could they keep us in suspense that way? I could see that it was going to wreck my day, so I asked them what it was as they left 😉

Social Worker was interesting. I am never sure how much you can joke around with them, though. Anyway, she took a family history and built up this rather interesting picture showing our extended family with important words like “Dead” “Stroke” and “Cancer”. (She felt there was a bit of a pattern). Biggie came in to chat with both of us at the end and she seemed to lead her to say that she was worried about people dying. I really don’t think that is a big issue for the Bigster, unless you put it right under her nose. But she’s smart enough to lead people around by the nose so that they don’t ask the questions she doesn’t want asked. Let’s see how that works, and whether the social worker is smart enough to figure it out.

As an example, Bigster dropped into conversation, “Mum is ALWAYS playing Dominion.” 

Me: Huh?
Social worker (ears pricking up): Tell me about that
Biggie: Well, she played it with me and dad, and she played it with dad, and then Vince came over and she played it with him, and she played it when we went to a game club.
SW: Is this something on the computer?
Biggie: No, it’s a REALLY GOOD card game, and mum just LOVES it, and she plays it ALL THE TIME.

I have played Dominion *counts on fingers* maybe 10 times. Over 4 or 5 sessions.  And 18 times online (but she doesn’t know about those plays). 

The relevant thing? She had just been asked what Mum worries about. And pointed to her and Otto’s names on the piece of paper. But when Sue the Social Worker asked why she did that, she changed the topic and distracted her.


Came home, did work, had dishwasher installed. The installer guys were OMGSOGRATEFUL that I had had the old dishwasher removed. Apparently that would have been something they would have done (and included in the fee I paid – sigh). But they hate the old 2-drawer Fisher & Paykel dishwashers with a passion, and chatted between themselves about how glad they were they didn’t have to remove it. New one is beautiful. All the stuff Otto played with in the back garden is sparkly and clean again. Then I got a letter that starts, “Welcome to the wonderful world of Miele.” which made me giggle.

Collected kids, got ready for swimming lessons, spent the requisite 2 hours at the pool. Fish and chips (burger for me) on the way home but Otto cracked it so I cooked ravioli for her. Then laundry (I am waiting for it to finish but think I might go to bed). And dishes (really, plastic containers from rubbish-free lunches should just be washed by hand). It even has a cutlery rack.

The Bigster thinks it is weird that I was pleased to get the dishwasher. But I have a sense of accomplishment that I actually got something done.

Meanwhile, heard from handyman, who is going to do all those odd jobs for me this week. Yay! Things are coming together a bit.

Work is insane. OMGINSANE, even. I really, REALLY hope that I can manage some time off on Friday to kick back and enjoy time with friends. Even if all the Americans will be sleeping off turkey at that point. 🙂


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4 responses to “Lone Parent Update Day 7

  1. RacingHippo

    November 25, 2008 at 11:20 pm

    Bah. Social workers just love to find things that aren’t there.
    Gross generalisation, of course.

    And you’ll be pleased to hear me tell you that modern dishwashers are very water/heat efficient, and washing a few single things by hand uses about half the amount of water+heat that a dishwasher would use on a full load.
    There. Vindicated you are. Bung ’em all in the machine you must 😉

  2. Larry Levy

    November 27, 2008 at 1:20 pm

    And now you’re leaving us in suspense!

    What was the swear word? Do you know the song it came from?

  3. melissainau

    November 27, 2008 at 2:06 pm

    Heh. That was deliberate 🙂

    I wondered how long it would be till someone asked.

    The word was piss.

  4. Larry Levy

    November 27, 2008 at 4:43 pm

    Glad to be of service. I’m always interested where the corruption of young minds is concerned.


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