The last week is a blur. But mostly a good blur. But blurry, nonetheless.

01 Dec

I know I said “work is INSANELY busy” or something like that, but even I did not know how insanely busy it was going to be. That’s good – all my projects are interesting, all my projects are different – it’s just not the time of year that I expected to get this busy. And the week was going to be hectic anyway.

Wednesday: worked. Kids to After care, which they (fortunately) enjoy very much. Bigster less so these days but only because she thinks she’s too cool for school – well, for After School care, anyway. Actually managed to race home, hang out laundry, put on another load, then zoom back to school to collect them at 5.45. Walked across the road to the home of the pianist who was to accompany Biggie in her Recorder exam for a quick run-through (I was impressed with how nicely she played), then took the kids out for a very quick dinner before guides. To KFC. Blush. They were overjoyed.

Dropped Bigster at Guides and zoomed to the supermarket with Otto – home around 8, out again 20 minutes later to collect Biggie. Managed to get Otto into her PJs so she was cute and adorable, running around in them as Guides finished up. And snitching biscuits from the Guides’ table (there were plenty). Then home, bed around 10ish (ugh).

Thursday morning the handyman was due so I arranged, despite tight deadlines, to work from home. Ugh – handyman rang to say he would be late, so I couldn’t go in, although I did seize the opportunity to pop up the road for what the lovely Anna calls “female maintenance”. Ended up putting on makeup while talking to handyman. He was a bit more expensive than I had expected (maybe that’s the hire-a-hubby franchise fee talking?) but he did do a great job on my home maintenance chores:

  • replace 1 gate latch & move another
  • replace letterbox
  • put a lock on a window
  • fix guttering
  • replace a doorknob and tighten 2 others

I am still getting a kick out of the new letterbox. Being so easy to please is a wonderful wonderful thing sometimes.

Raced into work, did some, had work christmas party at the most amazing bar. This is our big once-a-year-bash for our clients and is justifiably famous. The food at this one was absolutely out of this world and it is a venue that I will definitely go back to again (albeit a rather pricey one). The main party goes 5-7 or so but there are always the stayouts that don’t leave and this was no exception 🙂 (and I am always one of them!). Home again to pay babysitter and snuggle down to sleep.

Friday I decided that, discretion being the better part of valour, perhaps I should not actually DRIVE the kids to school, so we walked. Well, Otto decided she wanted to ride her scooter, so Biggie did too. But Biggie wouldn’t carry her bags properly or let me carry them, and pouted most of the way. It didn’t help when the cafe I had promised to take them to for Milkshakes was closed. She cheered up when she spotted her new little Buddy, who will be starting school next year, and happily went off to be grown up while I dealt with Otto who had fallen and skinned her knee. It’s all drama, all the time, in my life.

On the way home, I stopped at the newly-opened Christmas Cave for tinsel (tacky but I love it) and a wreath for the front door. It is VERY BAD to have a Christmas shop near me. Fortunately I noticed that the packs of 300 fairy lights are connected in series and that stopped any ideas I had of hanging sparkly light strings from the porch. 

Then I worked all day, without stopping to BREATHE, until I had to go get the kids. Drove Biggie’s recorder teacher home then stopped at the craft store for felt for the kids’ OMGPROJECT and was lured to the butcher and greengrocer as well. 

Home to a phone call from my (very worried) mother that dad was back in hospital – they’d even taken an ambulance this time. A couple of hours later, we had the good news that it’s just a very severe UTI and he is on high doses of antibiotics but it’s not considered “serious”. They said he should be home Monday but it’s now Monday night and there’s no sign of them moving him.

Friends over for games but they were running late and didn’t arrive till 9.30, so we played Dominion until my eyes started drooping and they headed for home. It was fun though. We spoke OMGGERMAN! which is something I never do in Australia, mostly because it would exclude Fraser. And then I did a bit more work and went to bed, starting to feel queasy and wondering whether it was just the remnants of the Christmas party.

Saturday was Bigster’s first Recorder exam. She celebrated by throwing up quite impressively. It’s not like her to be really nervous about something, but I put it down to that and we got ourselves ready. Otto had a tantrum in the waiting room but at least it was a quiet one. 

Afterwards, I picked up lunch on the way home for the other two recorder students and their mums and teacher, who were coming over for lunch. And what a lovely lunch it was – a glass of champagne (courtesy of recorder teacher), cold meat and a roast chicken, fresh bread … the kids ate outside on a picnic rug and on the cubby house porch while we sat inside and chatted till 3pm. One mum brought sushi and cake, the other brought icecream from the famous gelati shop up the road. Mmmmmmmmm.

When they left, I thought, “oh I must go and vote in our local council elections” and then decided to lie down for a few minutes first. Of course, next thing I knew, it was 6 o’clock and the friends who were coming for dinner were knocking at the door. Oops! I feel a bit guilty for not voting, even when it’s only local government. Then I got over myself and had a lovely evening chatting with the friend while the four kids played happily outside. And then I did more OMGWORK!

Sunday, I got up and – you guessed it – did WORK. And maybe played a hand or two of Dominion on bsw? – I know I did at some stage. Its lure is potent. Then I did more laundry, got the kids ready, and took them to my mum’s with a stop on the way to pick up her groceries. This was the good bit though – then I went out to an old friend’s birthday do. I went to Uni with Mikey and haven’t seen enough of him in the last couple of years. It was great to catch up with him as well as with other friends and I hope we’ll all be a bit better about staying in touch. I have some “let’s do lunch” and “when can you come over for dinner/drinks?” emails to send 🙂

Then I came home and did work. Till 3am or so.

I could have done without the feeling queasy part (my GP today offered me a prescription for anti-nausea medication and I said “oh no, I’ll be fine” – regretting it now), and the way too much work part, and the dad in hospital part, and even the lone parenting part – but what a great weekend that was! 

Goal for the next month: Another lazy Saturday afternoon with friends.

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