Mystery Rummy: The Storage

28 Dec

Fraser recently blogged about how much he enjoys the Mystery Rummy series — actually, about how much we all enjoy the Mystery Rummy series. In the process, he mentioned that we’d never managed to track down a copy of the second Mystery Rummy game, Murders in the Rue Morgue.

Enter Eric Burgess, who read Fraser’s article and met Fraser at BGGcon in Dallas.

“I have a spare copy of it,” he told Fraser. “I’ll send it to you.”

Christmas Eve and the  mysterious parcel arrived – a copy of Murders in the Rue Morgue,  together with a  GeekCoin, ripe for passing on. The new game was ritually christened (and enjoyed) on Christmas Day.

There was only one problem: Eric’s game arrived in a small tin, not in the original box. Fraser moved it to a biggish plastic card case. Not a problem at all, except that I am – well, a little bit OCD. See name of blog. Nuff said.

I had the Mystery Rummy games lined up on a shelf, with the card case sitting there. Ugh. Wrong shape. Good game, though.

Then I found it. Housework really is its own reward: There was a set of “model Green temple building blocks” that my brother had given me several years ago. In a box like the Mystery Rummy boxes, just a couple of millimetres bigger.

You guessed it.

I wrote Mystery Rummy 2: Murders in the Rue Morgue on a piece of paper and stuck it to the box. I bagged the cards and rules and put them inside. I put the game on the shelf … and it was good.

Biggie played with the greek temple building blocks. I might have a go myself but then I suspect they will be off to the Op Shop. They have played their part in this important story.

Meanwhile, we have a plan B. More of an “investigate this and see if it might be possible” B, really, but that doesn’t sound as good as a Plan. I am going to look for a copy of the story – ideally, one in a book with the right title. Then I’m going to make the book safe that I have always fantasised about – glue the pages together, and cut a card-pile-shaped hole out of the middle of it.

As long as it fits on my new game shelves, that is.

Thanks so much, Eric!

And Fraser? Next time, you need to blog about how life would improve if we had Cosmic Encounter:  Expansion 9. 

You never know 🙂

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