Yet another thing I love about Gamers

29 Dec

When I say, “I have new shelves”

Non-gamers say something like:

  • My that’s a lot of games; or
  • They go nicely with the furniture; or
  • Goodness, where did you get all those games from; or
  • Have you played them all; or
  • Where did you get those shelves?

Gamers say, almost invariably in this order:

  1. So do you need to buy more games to fill them? *
  2. (optional step) Ah yes, BILLY with the CD rack. Nice.**
  3. Hmm. You don’t have all the ALEA boxes. And you have two copies of Power Grid, one in German? And I can’t quite make out what is stacked with Thebes. And …

Four or five conversations all followed the same pattern. I love it.


* This comment only  comes from people who have not been to our house and seen the many games that are STACKED IN THE CORRIDOR. There are still corridor stacks – but fewer than there were.

** This usually detours the conversation into a discussion of optimal stacking methods, whether or not to use the tops of the shelves, preferred shade of BILLY, IKEA horror stories etc.

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Posted by on December 29, 2008 in games, house


One response to “Yet another thing I love about Gamers

  1. Fraser

    December 29, 2008 at 3:56 pm

    Gamers who respond with #1 have obviously not correlated the pictures with our listed collection 🙂

    Not sure what it says about the people who when seeing the 13′ by 6′ bookshelves in different abodes over the years have asked “Do you own a bookshop”?

    Note this has actually happened two or three times and I believe the response each time was “No, that’s just the science fiction books”.


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