Princess Otto and the Animals.

05 Jan

Here is the story I made up for my niece last night. Names changed to protect the evil.

Once upon a time, there was a princess. Her name was Princess Otto and, most of all, she loved animals. 

One day, Princess Otto was very cross. Her mum and dad, the Queen and King, tried lots of things to cheer her up. Finally, they decided to take her to the Zoo.

 When they got to the Zoo, the King and Queen and the Zookeepers took Princess Otto to see the Penguins – but Princess Otto just said,


 Next, they took her to see the Zebras – but Princess Otto just said,


 Next, they took her to the Elephants – but Princess Otto just said,

 “Hmph” – and, because she was feeling VERY cross, she stamped her foot.

 “I know what Princess Otto would like to see,” said her dad the King – and he took her to see the Giraffes.

 “Hmpf,” said Princess Otto, and she stamped her foot again. She really wasn’t behaving very well at all, was she!

 The Queen thought and thought, and then she took Princess Otto to see the Monkeys. They jumped and swung, but Princess Otto just said

 “Hmph” and stamped her foot again.

The King sighed. “What are we going to do?” he asked the Queen.

A little girl, who was watching the Monkeys, ran over.

“Come with me!” she said.

 So the King and Queen, and the little girl’s parents, and Princess Otto, all followed the little girl (whose name was Niece) all the way to the Tiger’s cage, and something very strange happened.

 Princess Otto did not say, “Hmph!”

 She did not stamp her foot.

 She stood very very quietly, holding Niece’s hand, and watched the Tigers.

 She watched them walk around their  cage.

 She watched them dip their paws into their very own pond.

 She watched them play with the baby tiger cubs.

 And do you know what Princess Otto did then?

 She laughed and laughed and laughed and laughed.

 “How did you know what Princess Otto wanted to see?” the Queen asked Niece.

 “It was easy,” said Niece.

 “I just brought her to see MY favourite animals.”

 And the Queen and the King (and Princess Otto, of course) invited Niece and her mum and dad and the Zookeepers (but NOT the tigers) back to the Palace for afternoon tea.

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One response to “Princess Otto and the Animals.

  1. jon

    January 6, 2009 at 7:24 am

    That is very sweet.

    I have a book from my childhood, about a lion in a zoo. It’s French. All the people in the town love the lion, and go to see it and say hello. Then one day, the lionkeeper left the door open on the cage. So the lion decided to go and see his friends instead, and wandered all around town. But everyone he met ran away screaming. He couldn’t understand why they didn’t like him. Then a boy (probably young Pierre, I could check if you like) came up and said Bonjour! And he took the lion back to his cage. And everyone was happy again.

    I think your story was very sweet. You could beef up the animals’ actions, what the elephants did and so on but if you add some pictures, I think you have a million seller there. Definitely one to submit to your publishing agent friend.


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