Day 3 – Monday 12th January 2009

20 Jan

So, more thinking. And reading 500 PLACES TO TAKE YOUR KIDS BEFORE THEY GROW UP. (Great beach-side reading)

This is an interesting book because it has some useful information – but it falls into a few common traps:

  • It is EXTREMELY US-centric. My favourite example of this is the Location index, which lists countries AND US STATES as the main reference point. Forgive me for NOT being US-centric, but I suspect that the entire United Kingdom possibly has a greater claim to my children’s time than the state of Virginia. Ditto Greece, Italy, Germany, France and Egypt. Around half of the places listed seem to be in the US, which seems desperately out of proportion to the rest of the listings.
  • For a book that is about travelling with kids, there’s really not a huge amount about how to approach some of these places. I’m less interested in how the author’s kids enjoyed the attractions (especially as I’ve not yet worked out what gender or age they are/were) and more in practicalities like how long it took to get there and whether they serve lunch and icy poles. Also, whether they have any special information for visiting children. Meh.

Most notably, though

  • It makes me want to go to LOTS and LOTS of places that I hadn’t considered going before. Arrrrgh!

Which actually brings me to one of the problems we have to resolve soonish. See, this trip is coming from two, slightly conflicting, places:

1. We want to have a holiday and GO PLACES and show our kids special places

2. I (let’s be honest, this comes from me not from Fraser) want them to have the experience of living somewhere else, somewhere where English is not the primary language. For convenience, Germany is the logical place.

The issue is balance – how much do we travel, how much do we settle down and live, and do occasional weekend trips. How do we reconcile the two? And when do I take all this stuff off to a new blog, because you, dear reader, are much more interested in how many games we brought to the beach (somewhere over 24) and how we are spending our time. And how I am coping with my vow not to cook while on holidays, as well as OMGNOINTERNET… *twitch*


Posted by on January 20, 2009 in family, grand plans, travel


2 responses to “Day 3 – Monday 12th January 2009

  1. John Mellby

    January 21, 2009 at 6:59 am

    If you want to stay somewhere that English isn’t the primary language Texas sort of qualifies.
    Many locals speak their own dialect (howdy, ya’ll). And a sizeable Mexican population.
    OK, its not Germany, but still.


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