Day 9 – Sunday 18th January 2009

20 Jan

It is very odd, to me, to have not managed too get onto the Internet for a week. Very odd *and* very unusual, especially considering that I am probably about a month behind on answering GeekMail by now.  (Big sigh). Contributing factors to this have been:

  • Visit of Brother Dave and Niece (and sister-in-law, on Friday). Dave tended to nick off down to the shops every morning “for a coffee and to read the paper” (and, we think, to have a surreptitious smoke – he has supposedly Quit but the nose doesn’t lie), so what might have been spare time was spent trying to stop my children from completely over-exciting Niece. Mostly unsuccessfully, I confess – she’s their very own walking, talking, living doll.
  • Fraser gets annoyed when I use the internet on holidays. (Mutters about him going off to use it on Thursday …)
  • Niece doesn’t sleep well. That may sound a strange reason, but the very interrupted hours of night-time sleep meant that every “free” moment during the day was better spent napping. Which I am a proponent of anyway.

Anyway, Fraser has to get online to do his blog in the next few days, so I am calling privilege and taking first crack at the internet. Tomorrow, when the weekend tourists have left. At least, that’s the plan.

Meanwhile, once the weather worsened, we moved to plan B: Games, trampolines and chatter.

  • (Thursday) Flix Mix – played co-operatively with the Ottinator.
  • (Thursday) Manimals Dinos. Once again, Dave blitzed the opposition (23) – this time me (17) and the Bigster (15)
  • (Thursday) Agricola (at Biggie’s demand) – Fraser won again. I can officially say I haven’t won a game of this since before I went to Europe. Unless I have forgotten something. This time, Biggie and Fraser drew for first place. At least I beat my brother, which was always my childhood measure of success in a game (yes, he is two and a bit years younger than I am … sigh …)
  • (Friday) my children’s game that I made for Otto. We all achieved the victory condition, so we all won. Yay, us! I am still working on scoring matrices for an advance version.
  • (Friday) Mystery Rummy 1: Jack the Ripper. Played 2 hands before Dave and his wife came to chat – I was leading 48:41 until …
  • (Saturday) finished Mystery Rummy: Jack the Ripper. Fraser won 123:72. Then we played another game of it and Fraser won 101:72. I am contemplating retirement.
  • (Saturday) Finally broke out Los Mampfos, which I bought late in 2007. Look for a poo-joke-laden session report; this is the game where you feed donkeys oat biscuits then collect their poo by predicting what colour oat biscuits will come out. I don’t want to think about what inspired this game. Everyone had fun (Fraser possibly less than the rest of us, but then his mental age is possibly higher than ten). Winner was Fraser (23), followed by Otto (22)  and me and Biggie (tied on 19).
  • (Sunday) Los Mampfos again. Finally a scatalogical victory for yours truly. Poo jokes reigned supreme once more.
  • (Sunday) Mystery Rummy 2: Hey hey we’re the Monkees! Fraser won the first, I won the second, then it was time to sleep.

Other fun things we have done:

  • trampolines! (well, the kids have).
  • ice creams! (they have one of those Sundae bars here, where they chop yummy treats through the ice cream)
  • build sand castles! (and watch my intrepid children venture into the surf … brrr … poor Otto couldn’t stop shivering when I finally managed to drag her out of there)
  • pizza! (mmm, hot salami, parmesan cheese, capsicum, garlic and chilli … mmm)
  • discovered how to access local weather forecasts on my mobile phone
  • explored the bookshop (and clearly spent enough time there that they recognise us and have enrolled us in their Good Customer program … lol …)
  • Jigsaw with Otto – this is something we’ve not really done much of since kiddie play trays, but she picked it up very quickly and then enjoyed finding the hidden pictures in the puzzle. Just one thing … once they have done a puzzle a few times, what do you do with it? I could give it to an Op shop, but that seems like a waste … I guess I save it for the school fete or give it to a friend with appropriately-aged kids …
  • argued with my brother about the OMGImportanceOfGrammar. Yes, I am a grammar nerd, but I still can’t believe that he allows his staff to send emails with KNOWN errors in them, with his name on them. Bad enough that the errors exist, but to send them out with your name on them … ugh … 
  • talked about our Big Trip (see later post, for ease of categorising)
  • bought postcards (who knows when or whether they will be sent …)

Oddly, I am homesick. Well, not homeSICK precisely – just very ready to be at home. I think because I’ve actually been making progress on Cleaning Everything Up, I am frustrated that I can’t make any more progress right now. The weather’s pretty ordinary, I seem to be getting the sniffles (as are the kids), THERE’S NO INTERNET (cough), everything except the bookshop costs way too much, etc etc etc. It actually took me a couple of days to get into holiday mode, and I’m really not fully there. Given that we can likely only come for a week next year, we’re seriously wondering whether to get a more expensive (but more comfortable) house instead. The kids would miss this place, though, and it’s good that they’re not psychotic comfort-loving princesses like their mother.

It will be good to get home on Friday, though. I’m already working up my mental to-do list.

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