Day 9 – Sunday 18th January (Part 2)

20 Jan

What to do on a sunny day that’s not *quite* warm enough for the beach? Fraser had a good suggestion that we’d been notionally saving for a weekday – berry picking. 

Two local berry farms advertised in the local tourist guide. I rang one, which we’d been to 2 years ago, and they said they still had some weirdoberries but were otherwise mostly picked out. OK, they didn’t say weirdoberries, they said Sylvanberries and Youngberries and Brambles and Blackcurrants. Much the same, really.

I rang the other, expecting the same, and got unexpected joy: Well, we’ve really closed for the season, but we have OMGSOMANYBERRIES (technically, without the OMG) that we are opening this afternoon from 1pm.

Me, hesitantly: Do you have any raspberries?

Nice man: We have LOADS of them.

Me: Done!

So off we went, with scary complicated directions (“we’ve taken down most of our signs, and when you get here, ignore the one that says CLOSED”).

From Lorne 2009

Is there anything more yummy than a fresh-picked over-ripe raspberry on a warm sunny day? Fraser and the Bigster would argue that a fresh-picked warm ripe strawberry does even better under the same conditions, but Otto and I voted them wrong. After copious taste tests, of course. And four one-kilo “punnets” of picking later, we were done, and ready to enjoy the drive back here.

But before I go into tourism mode, one important observation: There is, quite possibly, no better smell in the world than that of fresh berries. All those “raspberry-scented” (and -flavoured) body lotions, lip glosses and bath gels don’t even come close.

Also? The berry farm had DONKEYS! There were snickers about poo (mostly from me, I confess). They also had enormous bales of hay (are they bales, if they are rolled up rather than rectangular?) which were bigger than Otto.

From Lorne 2009
From Lorne 2009

Fabulously, my little game that Otto and I have been playing has done some educational good.

Biggie (trying to prove that she is all grown up): Do you even know what shearing sheep is?

Otto (indignantly): YES!

Me: You tell Biggie  what it is

Otto: When you shear a sheep, you take its wool and it makes a wool cube which is a bale.


On the drive back, we pulled off the road in Deans Marsh, to admire some wood carvings I’d noticed on the way up. Some big trees that used to grow beside the road have been cut down – and the stumps have been carved into a variety of fantastic faces and animals. I wandered along with the camera, checking them out.


From Lorne 2009

Driving through the Otways, with fairly dense bush either side of the road as well as the beginnings (or maybe endings) of rainforest, we could see the sea between the hills. Just spectacular scenery and a beautifully clear day to admire it.

And then it was back to the house – with a stop at the supermarket. You can’t pick beautiful berries and not get cream to go with them! I’m not convinced that we really need anything else for dinner …

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