Holiday day *um* 10 – Monday 19th January

23 Jan

After Sunday’s berry picking extravaganza (now with photos!), we settled in for a quiet day. Biggie had been begging to see the movie Marley and Me, so eventually I succumbed and we walked down to Lorne’s old-fashioned movie cinema (tickets upstairs cost extra, but choc tops are available wherever you sit … yum …) while Fraser got ready to take Otto to the swimming pool (by request).

I’m not usually the world’s biggest “chick flick” fan (weird, because I do like chick lit) but I really enjoyed this one. And sharing a weep with your 10 year old is surely a good bonding experience! I must look for a copy of the book – I suspect I would enjoy that even more.

Afterwards, we met up with Fraser and Otto (who was starting to shiver) and fed the kids fish and chips at the bar while we had a hot drink. Not a bad day at all.

Gaming in the meantime:

  • Mystery Rummy 1: Jack the Ripper (Monday, 3 times). I won once tightly, once convincingly, then Fraser slaughtered me in the third game. Sniff.
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