Slowly slowly, a new game, and history repeats itself

27 Jan

This is my ‘interim week’ where I slowly ease us back into our busy life.

So far, I have:

  • cleaned the kitchen (again) – this was the last of the OMGURGENT things from  the Christmas-New Year break.
  • visited friends – very important. And we had a fantastic view of the Australia Day fireworks, too.
  • taught the Bigster to bake a basic cake (well, cupcakes)
  • taught Biggie and Otto to ice cakes (it’s a start – and one day they will learn that they don’t have to have 5 different colours of icing)
  • prepared meal plans for the next 4 weeks (these keep me on track, cooking meals instead of resorting to take-away. By looking at our schedules, I can see that I will want to cook real food Friday to Monday, with Tuesday to Thursday being pasta or something quick out of the freezer. That helps my planning and also shows that we need to shop on Fridays.)
  • tried 2 new family dinner recipes that will be ‘stayers’ – delicious and (relatively) inexpensive. (A chicken pasta bake thingy that the Bigster wants to have for school lunches as well, and an organic butterflied roast lamb that tasted OMGFABULOUS and was probably cheaper than a leg roast anyway).
  • booked myself back into French classes for the year (yay!) and done some revision (double yay!). I am feeling fairly sure that repeating the 2nd half of the last class I did (the busy term where I missed a few classes) is the best way forward from here, then I will plan to do another intensive class next semester.
  • Moved the Bigster’s swimming lesson. OMGYAY! I nearly kissed the woman at the pool. See, last year, Otto’s lesson was at 5 and Biggie’s at 6 – meaning that we were at the pool from about 4.45 to 6.45 every week *shudder*. Nice Pool Woman found a spot for the Bigster at 5 as well – so we’ll be in and out in around an hour, and home before 6. Honestly, I want to buy her flowers and chocolates.
  • Organised some regular meetings for work – aiming to have a similar schedule to last year, where Tuesdays and Fridays are part work-from-home, part own time. With 2 big and one small projects lined up already, that may be more work-from-home than own time, or I might need to take one more day of after-school care for the girls. Hoping to avoid that, though.
  • Napped for 3 hours this afternoon (it was hot … eek …)

I’ve also tried one new game already this week – Cranium Whoonu, which was recommended by a friend. It was fun as party games go – still not my thing, and maybe more an activity than a game? (but that tends to be my criticism of most party games). You each have 4 cards and have to select the one that another player most likes — then they rate them, and then the next player has a turn. Good with people you know well – we knew one couple well, the other not so well, which was apparent. The wives did better than the husbands at predicting what their spouses would like. 

I guess the other 2 women didn’t know me well though. At the end of the game, one of them said, “I had The Colour Pink as one of my cards!” and the otther said, “I had Valentine’s Day!” — Fraser and I snickered. I just am not quite sure which I would have given the maximum score to. Probably birthdays win over colours.

I have also been being avoidy over the last few days. With it being 3-4 weeks since I have spent any time on bgg, I know I will have lots of mail messages. So instead of being a grown up and logging in and dealing with them, I have been fretting about it and doing other stuff. I have given myself a big slap and told myself to get over it: Tomorrow is crunch time. Will there be over 1000?

The bad news? I think there might be a Smell in the living room. And as I *know* it is clean, that means we might be back to the old cause. Like last time, I have been able to smell it for 3 or 4 days – almost since we got home – whereas Fraser and the kids only noticed it late yesterday.

For those who are not familiar with The Smell:

OMG. What if it is the Other Half of the possum that was in our back yard when we got back?

It is going to be over 40 degrees every day for the rest of the week. This does not bear thinking about.


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3 responses to “Slowly slowly, a new game, and history repeats itself

  1. gamesgrandpa

    January 28, 2009 at 4:21 am

    Wow, that’s a busy schedule for someone who was not supposed to be so busy!

    My wife and I stay busy, but since we are retired, we only work half-days around the house. LOL!

  2. jon

    January 28, 2009 at 9:34 am

    Give Swimming Woman a small game. It will go further than chocs or flowers.


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