25 things I have learned

05 Feb

Here are 25 things that I have learned (or observed) in the past four days or so. You may learn from them, or you may just shudder.

  1. No matter how well-prepared the child, there is still a good chance that she will be anxious about returning to school after the long summer break.
  2. It takes a loooong time for a house, once heated, to cool down. Still, calm nights don’t really help.
  3. Apparently it is possible to pop one of those gel packs that you freeze to keep lunches cold. And the gel is reeeeeally goopy and gets all over everything. It would be fun to play with if I knew whether it was toxic or not. (It’s also possible to break a drink bottle the next day, and lose your other one two days later.)
  4. No matter how well-prepared the parents, the percentage chance of one of them having to race out and buy something the night before or the night after school starts tends to 100%
  5. Things it is probably best not to do on trams #1: Apply to do a teaching course, giving all your personal details loudly and clearly for the entertainment of your fellow commuters.
  6. Even kids who are anxious about returning to school settle in once their mum leaves. Sometimes mums need to be reminded of this fact.
  7. My colleagues are nice people who I enjoy spending time with. That makes going to work a much more acceptable experience.
  8. Prep kids are really small. And young. Even though some of them are the same age as Otto, she still looks older. It’s good to be a Big Kid.
  9. If I don’t use the internet in the morning, it is easier to get my kids to school on time. (Sigh – this was a hard lesson to learn. I am still not quite sure it is right 😉 )
  10. “Adult Education” doesn’t necessarily require people to reach a certain standard before progressing to the next level of a class.
  11. Things it is probably best not to do on trams #2: Tell the person who you are trying to convince of your maturity and general suitability for a teaching degree, “Sorry, my head’s all over the place, it’s that time of the month.” – That was probably information that they did not want to know. It is also information that your fellow commuters, including me, did not really need either.
  12. When trying to do an interesting menswear window display? Putting storm-trooper heads on the dummies is a good start. Especially if you put a Darth Vader head on one of them. Hee.
  13. My health insurance company has an office around the corner from my work. It is deserted before about 10.30 and frantically busy after midday.
  14. Once a child reaches Year 5 at school, she is probably old enough to walk to school with two responsible friends. Teasing said responsible friends by suggesting that they will also be walking with a 5 year old? Probably not nice. But kind of fun. (“And you have to hold her hand when you cross the road …”)
  15. 10 is not too young to be introduced to the Awesomeness that is Snow Pea Sprouts.
  16. It is possible for a swimming bag to contain 2 pairs of goggles. 20 minutes later, when you reach the pool, it is possible for it to contain NO pairs of goggles. This is actually not difficult, although we do not recommend you try it at home.
  17. Fainting goats actually faint.
  18. It is possible to go to bed before 10pm. Even twice in one week.
  19. Chocolate paddle pops are never out of place.
  20. Other parents at school recognise the Awesomeness that is the Bigster and want her to look out for their (younger) child. Not in case she squashes it, but because she takes her responsibilities seriously. Today, she ended up caring for 5 Prep children, due to absent and/or disinterested “Buddies” – pretty pathetic, given that it was only their second day of school.
  21. It is possible to have completed 5 terms of French instruction and still say “hoot” for “huit” and “anns” for “ans”. Le shudder.
  22. Home reading books are for reading at NIGHT. We can’t read them after school in the afternoon, that would be WRONG. Silly mummy. 
  23. It is possible for the roses growing on a rose busy to shrivel and die while still on the rose bush, in just one super-hot day.
  24. When fasting to have blood tests done? It is generally a good  idea not to snack while assembling your children’s lunches… Guess I’ll have to get those done tomorrow, then.
  25. There really are only 24 hours in a day.
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