Clearing out the study

22 Apr

Did more clearing in the study after I got home last night (late – was doing usability testing till 8pm). Fraser worked on it as well, which was great – just having company makes boring tasks go so much faster.

We have 3 more huge boxes of papers to go, as well as one box of paper “to be shredded”. Whee! 

I also threw out all the original research I did during the year I was in Austria. Then I had a crisis and retrieved it from the bins. I did, however, chuck out duplicates and notes, so it’s down to one smallish plastic box instead of one huge cardboard box stuffed completely full. So that’s progress, right?

Actually, it was surprisingly interesting stuff.

Other Very Important Things that I had kept: 

  • Translations of my academic record (for when I was admitted to uni in Austria)
  • A big pile of pay slips from the job I left in 2000 (tossed – being a Role Model, see)
  • Otto’s birthday card to the Bigster, when she was a big 5 months old
  • Lots of Calvin & Hobbes cartoons, clipped from the paper
  • My Bridge System Cards from the year I was on the state Youth team
  • The list of things I packed to take to hospital when Otto was born
  • My very first ever health insurance membership book (20 years later, I still have the same membership number)
  • Original copies of my qualifications, including my HSC (school leaving exams) and – potentially more usefully – my Oberstufenpruefung exam from the Goethe-Institut
  • A play programme from the 1960s, when my mother was active in amateur theatre, as well as some press clippings about her plays (this is clearly a folder of my parents’ memorabilia that somehow got mixed up with my stuff).

And that’s just (mostly) the stuff I kept … 🙂

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Posted by on April 22, 2009 in decluttering, house


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