Loss of control

28 Apr

I am so unbelievably, incredibly busy right now that it beggars description, let alone belief.

Between now and June 24th (arbitrary date, that one!), I have to:

  • Work (important) – practically a full-time job even though it officially Isn’t.
  • Look after my kids, do all the usual stuff that we do
  • Show our exchange student (here for another 6 days) some of the nice things in and around Melbourne.
  • Clear out my house (even if we decide not to rent it out, I don’t want to get back to clutter). This could be a full-time job, if I really went at it.
  • Pack up our personal stuff, if we do rent out the house (books, games, clothes, …). This definitely makes clearing our house into a full-time job.
  • Get my parents’ house ready for the decorators – in the next 3 weeks.
  • Clear out my parents’ stuff – sorting it for Op shop, Auction, Family, Rubbish, Keep. This? A full time job for TWO people.

At the moment, I’m feeling in control. Blocking out time so that anything I do, I can give all my attention to.

Meanwhile, Fraser and I want to go away to a games convention one weekend, and the girls want to have Sleepovers with their friends.

(Pardon me while I laugh hollowly)

Oh yeah – and most of the local high schools have open days this week and next.

Soon, I suspect that I will start to feel like I am rollerskating on greased ice. Watching carefully for that loss of control, because if I am not careful I could lose a couple of days – which would lose me all my free time.

And if you have ever seen me on rollerskates? That is almost an improvement.


Plan for this week:

Today – work, school info session, kid time, exchange student time, family time. Then work after 9.30 once the kids are asleep. Hopefully I can do a little clearing first.

Tomorrow – stay home and work work work, then school info session

Thursday – work, doctor’s appointment, kid/exchange student time

Friday – organising packing boxes, grocery shopping, housework, game club at school, take kids inc exchange student away

Saturday – sightseeing with kids and exchange student, drive home

Sunday – 10-5 packing at parents’ while Fraser does exchange student stuff, dinner with extended family.

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