You know this isn’t going anywhere

28 Apr

I had one of Those conversations with the Bigster.

Fraser tells me that it’s the sort of thing you can’t write about on The Internet (at least, not in any detail).

Suffice it to say … when your 10-year-old child asks what something is for, and the answer is, “birth control”?

My advice is: Lie.

Shame I didn’t think to follow it, isn’t it.

“They’re special greased trick balloons for sticking to the walls withOUT static electricity.”

“It’s a very small yarmulke. Made of plastic.”

“They’re vitamin tablets”

“It’s a Fun Cyborg Attachment, so I set off metal detectors at airports”

“It’s  a special transmitter to open the new door at work.”


Obsess about something

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