British passport woes

01 Jun

I blogged about this once before, but now it is even direr.

I ordered a copy of my parents’ marriage certificate online. I was charged for it on May 13th, so I know I was not hallucinating. It still has not arrived.

Today, I sucked on the $9.90 fee to call the british high commission passport service.

The guy there confirmed that I need a copy of their marriage certificate

THEN he said, oh yeah, and 2 copies of other ID like your drivers licence or your medicare card.


What else are they not telling me?

Seriously – I have looked at both form and notes AND at their website and IT DOES NOT SAY TO SEND THESE!!!

Then I checked over my application. Complete form in ink, check. 

Bottom of the checklist but nowhere on the application form? Must be in BLACK ink.

There were tears.

Their 15 days processing time means I will not have any of this stuff in time to go away. I don’t know what that means for enrolling the kids in school, etc.


Bastard bureaucrats are causing dramas. MASSIVE dramas.

I honestly don’t know what to do at this point, other than push on. Print out the form again, go get it witnessed again, go to parents, pick mum up, go to births deathes & marriages office, get form, send everything off in a SUPER PRIORITY ENVELOPE.

I know that this means more to me than it does to them, but surely this is incompetence on their part? You have ONE list of what has to be supplied.

I am just a teensy bit broken right now. 😦

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Posted by on June 1, 2009 in rant


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