Things I have Learned …

03 Jun
  • Peat-charcoal has more calories than coal. Errm, not when you eat it. When you burn it. Well, maybe when you eat it too, but I am not volunteering.
  • A peat-charcoal kiln was also known as a meiler. At least in 14th century Dartmoor.
  • There is a slightly naughty folk song about a Hiring Fair.
  • Googling Horse Slaughterhouse is really not a good idea. Seriously. See how I didn’t link it? There is a reason, and the reason is pictures 😦
  • Pit tannage is a process for curing leather, involving liquor made from oak bark. This is why tanbark is called TAN bark.

It’s all fun 🙂

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Posted by on June 3, 2009 in games


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