Bordercon Saturday – part 1

08 Jun

After brekkie, we headed up to the gaming room. Yay! Games!

First was Zack & Pack, which Gregor had ordered from Germany and few if any of us had seen before. This is a game where players pile goods onto trucks of different sizes, losing points for (a) empty space in the truck and (b) goods that don’t fit in the truck.

What fun! Not a lot of depth here but a very enjoyable game that I think my kids would enjoy too. In fact, I think that it would make a good activity as well as a good game – that is, the kids would enjoy playing at filling their trucks as much as they enjoy playing the game itself.

Mark – winner
David F
Me – lose!

With a few people gathered to watch us, we tried a re-run:

Brett – 36
Mark – 44
Rene – 5
David F – 48
Erin – 0
Me – 74 (win) 

David and I were neck-and-neck for most of the game, and before the last round we both had more than our starting 75 money. He was, sadly, screwed over by an unlucky blind pick.

Sitting beside Zack & Pack was Limits, one of Uwe Rosenberg’s older card games. This is a clever little bluffing game which we have enjoyed very much since trying it at last year’s Australian Games Expo. (The local importer asked us and Richard for an opinion; we tried it and had a ball, and ended up buying a couple of copies each). We broke it out for a quick run:

Brett -4
Mark -4
Rene 0
David F +1 (Win)
Erin -1
Me -2 

It’s still good.

Next up, I got an unexpected treat: John and Andrew were breaking out Small World, so Erin and I grabbed the two remaining spots.

I managed to play the Swamp Wizards, Bivouacking Ghouls and then Berserk Tritons. What fun – I really enjoyed this, despite doing truly woefully. We own Vinci, but I’ve never played it – it’s a game that Fraser tends to take to gaming clubs, but I’ve not tried. Regardless, I’d seriously consider getting a copy of Small World – I think that the Bigster would enjoy it. Meanwhile, I realised that John was in fact the John that I played Settlers with a few years ago at the Expo. Nice to run into him again 🙂

John 90
Andrew 98
Erin 83
Me 74

I took a break now, as I have a couple of projects that need some fairly urgent attention. A couple of people said, “poor you” but I was happy to be away at the con, and could easily work on the couch in the gaming room. I figured I’d much rather be in Albury and doing a bit of work than at home not getting a gaming weekend!

Julian mocked me as I had (accidentally!) managed to co-ordinate – with a pink PC, pink iPod case, pink jumper and handbag … and pink clipboard too. Ooops. Shame I’d left the pink jacket in our room! 😉

When my PC battery gave out, I moved back to the gaming table. Based on very very positive buzz, I’d picked up a copy of Palastgefluester at Essen last year – although we’d never broken it out. Gregor also had a copy, which he’d brought with him. He taught it to us – my notes say, “OMG! This is good! So glad I have this one :)”

What they don’t say is that I got cocky – we were tied on 3 all except for Julian on 0, with a score of 4 winning and ending the game. I decided not to force the game by persecuting Julian as I wanted to share the win with as few people as possible. Unfortunately, only half of my plan worked: the win was, indeed, shared by 3 people – but I was not one of them.

Gregor 4
Julian 1
Me 3
Sacha 4
Rob 4 

More later!

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