And the crap piles up

06 Sep

Just heard from my brother, who is opening our mail.

Well, who wasn’t opening our mail.

He just sent us a pile of bills, due from August 21st … and a legal demand letter and collection notice.

We had to get our washing machine serviced last year.

I rang to make a booking and said I thought it was under warranty, the company agreed.

Service guy came out on July 15, 2008, serviced machine, went to give me a bill, I said, no, it’s under warranty. He said OK, and left.


Shortly before I left (as in, a day or two before I left – so the END OF JUNE 2009), we received a letter from the washing machine company with a BILL for the service.

I flew out, Fraser dealt with the letter.

At least, I thought he did. (And so did he – he sent the bill back with a note saying, “This was under warranty, if there are any questions please get in touch”).

Which brings us to “just heard from my brother, who wasn’t opening our mail” – and therefore missed (1) a solicitor’s letter demanding immediate payment; and (2) a debt collection company, demanding immediate payment.

Of course, we don’t have any of the appropriate paperwork here.

It’s not the $160 or so that is the issue, it’s the principle. If the thing was under warranty, which I  believe it was, then we should not be being pursued for this money.

And if it wasn’t under warranty, then (1) they should have told me when I rang and (2) they should have billed us LESS THAN ELEVEN MONTHS LATER.


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Posted by on September 6, 2009 in house, rant, travel


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