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10 Dec

I was shopping last week and saw a catalogue called LAST MINUTE CHRISTMAS BARGAINS – which horrified me, as December had only barely begun.

I saw it again today and it horrified me again, but this time it was because I have not made any much progress on the (admittedly very small) amount of shopping I still have to do.

I changed any to much because I did get “teacher gifts” for the various adults who teach and/or care for our kids. A couple of years ago, I discovered that the local sheet outlet store has absolutely gorgeous Christmas decorations for sale, which they discount heavily after Christmas. I figured that a lovely tree ornament is a MUCH better gift than the ubiquitous bottle of wine or box of chockies, and bought a stack after Christmas at 75% off, for next year.

Then, I lost the box.

I think it is in the roof.

Each year since then, I have feebly mumbled “I know it’s here somewhere” – and then raced back to the shop to buy more ornaments. This year’s are lovely big glass balls that it almost hurt to give away, they looked so lovely when I was holding them all in the shop.

Meanwhile, today I picked up a copy of Dominion: Seaside, which made both my girls cheer. Fraser groaned, because I have succumbed (in principle) to the Need to Sleeve, so I spent 50% of the cost of the game again on card sleeves. Now I just need to Do The Deed.

Tomorrow, mum and dad’s dining table will be delivered. This is good, except that it means that we have to get our old table out of the house – preferably through the back door, as it’s going to go under the carport for a little while. We also get 6 very ugly green vinyl chairs. This table is somewhat wider than our current one and, most importantly, it extends to be a 14-seater or so. This will be good for Christmas and also for game nights, when we sometimes have to run 2 games – we will be able to extend the table and stay in place.

It is also more attractive. On the downside, Fraser will not be able to put a chair on top of it and then stand on the chair to change a lightbulb.


Now that I think about it?

That may not be such a bad thing.

Ladders seem infinitely safer.

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Posted by on December 10, 2009 in christmas, house, shopping


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