Saturday progress

07 Feb

and the progress is suddenly very real!

On Saturday, we got up early in case the painter was coming back (as of Friday, the corridor hadn’t been done yet). Had to take the girls to German classes, so it worked well.

Both girls have gone up a class. Otto was a little nervous, so I stayed, but Fraser came home to ponder the boxes. I think he built a BILLY, but I might be losing track.

Otto’s in quite a large class (14 or so) of children mostly her age and a little older. Almost all of them seem to speak quite good German, which is great – she refused to speak for most of the session, but her teacher commented that it was clear that she understood everything.

Bigster is in a class of 11 or so, taught by the only non-native-speaker in the school. She’s much more excited by this class than she was last year, and she likes the teacher too. All good.

Home again and it was time to set to work, with someone coming to collect all the furniture from the girls’ room (2 bed heads, 2 bedside tables, a wardrobe and a 2m long chest of drawers) – of course it needed to be cleared and we needed to make sure that it could be got out of the room. Probably a good thing that the corridor hadn’t been painted yet, after all.

The Bigster set to work in her room while Fraser and I prepared for the Beast – the big 5×5 Expedit unit. That took a LOT of work, but we got it built reasonably efficiently. The main problem was turning it over/standing it up.

One we had built that, we moved it to one side and then Bigster and I moved Otto’s bed into the room while Fraser put himself to bed to recover. Then we had to change the sheets so they were the pinkest that we have. Meanwhile, we had Otto bouncing all over the room. Lovely to see.

Next step was to clean out what was now the Bigster’s room. The top of the chest of drawers was covered with stuff,  as was every other available surface. Our mission, by now, was to  sort through everything and just move it over into the corner, to clear a path. so that it would be out of the way for moving the big stuff out.

It took rather a long time, but we were just finished when the people arrived to pick up the furniture. Fraser helped them to load it onto a truck.

Still no word from wall unit people, though. 😦

The most weird part of this process was moving the chest of drawers. See, we’d used it to create a sort of alcove that held Biggie’s bed – and therefore couldn’t move Biggie’s bed at all.  Rather a lot of stuff had fallen down beside the bed (and had migrated under the bed, which seems very weird to me), so there was suddenly a LOT to clean up. She made some progress but I  had to go help after a little while. First, though, we moved the big Expedit unit into position in Otto’s room and then

Next stop was a “real” bookshelf for Otto – we had thought of moving 2 in, but 1 seems to be enough for now. We’re now thinking that we might add a little table for her later, rather than an extra bookshelf.

Then Otto and I had to arrange her books and toys on the shelves. An important, very precise procedure. I eventually left her to it. I was pleased to see her take the time to sort her books by number (within series). Then she had to get some down to read, or to read in the evening … then actually do the reading … you get the idea.

Meanwhile, we’d arranged for a friend to come over, so Fraser cleared off one of the sofas while I kept chugging along in the Bigster’s room. We’re going to have to move everything around later today, but at least the room is a bit cleaner now.

Meanwhile, despite a general ban on food in bedrooms, we found a plate of chips and a bowl of tortellini in Otto’s room. Sigh.

And at 10:30, Fraser and I settled down to watch episode 5 of The Invisibles – and sorted laundry, which hasn’t been looked at all week. Stupid regular chores, getting in the way of Moving Stuff.

And so, we have a mission for the day. Well, several:

  • Clean Bigster’s room
  • Continue moving games into Otto’s room
  • Build remaining furniture
  • Start moving things in Bigster’s room into position, starting with moving her desk in
  • Line up BILLY shelving into position
  • Clean kitchen
  • Clear other sofa
  • Take Otto (or both girls) to our friend’s son’s birthday party.
  • Grocery shopping for the week

I am preparing by playing online boardgames. Because sometimes a little downtime is necessary.

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One response to “Saturday progress

  1. Justine

    February 7, 2010 at 12:47 pm

    Very excited to see it all soon:)


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