Lissa Loves Lists, too!

24 Mar

So, Facebook thought I should follow a new website: Mama Loves Lists. It’s a site where you can go to find lists to help you. “You” being, apparently, a busy mom.

I looked at this one: Birthday Parties.

Now, I am a fan of lists. Always have been. To the point that my family (really!) used to call me Melister. Because of the lists, geddit?

I rarely start a task without first making a list. I have lists of what to pack for holidays, lists of what was packed in each box when we went away. Shopping lists, to-do-lists, you name it … I have it. Timetables of when to put on what food on Christmas day. One year, I even programmed that into my pager so I couldn’t forget to do anything or miss out if I didn’t check the clock.

It’s even possible that once, for fun, I made a list of all the stuff I would buy if I won a bajillion dollars and bought a holiday house and furnished it from scratch … but those rumours are unconfirmed. (It was fun, though).

Here is my list for birthday parties:

  • food
  • drinks
  • bags for gifts
  • lolly bags
  • rubbish bag
  • candles
  • oh crap I always forget the matches!
  • birthday cake

When I compare that to the Mama Loves Lists list, I go a little pale. Their list is very comprehensive and is probably useful if you haven’t done that stuff before, or if you are very forgetful. They get full marks for being comprehensive – but it’s really not for me.

My lists are fun, short … and generally missing something useful. To me, that is a part of their charm.

I still followed the site on Facebook, though.


Posted by on March 24, 2010 in to-do


3 responses to “Lissa Loves Lists, too!

  1. yewenyi

    March 24, 2010 at 1:17 pm

    Your list is admirable short. My problem has always been that I need a list to remind me to look at the list. I’ll forget it is there after a short while. Though calendar reminders on my phone are proving very useful.

  2. Gerald

    March 24, 2010 at 2:22 pm

    My life is managed by lists, something I learned many years ago in a time management class.

    My wife and I maintain lists for: packing for trips of various lengths and purposes; roadside facilities for a 1500-mile trip we drive several times a year (gas stations, restaurants, hotels, rest areas, shopping, etc.); Christmas gift ideas throughout the year; books, music, and movies I want to purchase; book series and chronologies for some favorite authors, noting the ones I own and the ones I have read; identification of special wiring and cables in our house, for maintenance or repair work; phone numbers, addresses, and driving instructions for relatives, friends, and facilities in a different state, for our visits there; family history photo, document, and artifact collection; various lists regarding our game collection (by number of players, games that need to be played, games played, winners, etc.); several collections we have accumulated over the decades — small art sculptures, etc.; certain medical data (blood pressure readings, blood chemistry results, etc.); current prescriptions and medications (carried in our billfolds); monthly home maintenance and work lists; project-specific planning and execution lists; and probably some others I can’t recall at this time, but no doubt use from time to time.

    We could not function without calendars for appointments and plans, and our many, many lists. We do not understand how people manage their lives without LISTS!

  3. jon

    March 25, 2010 at 3:43 am


    Write it down. Process it later. Do it now, or delegate, or file it, or start a project. Sort tasks by location (phone/shops/computer/online/home/work and so on). When you are at a location, check the tasks. Get it done.


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