School holidays! Yikes!

04 Jul

So, I haven’t been posting much lately.

Here is what I have been doing a lot of: WORK.

Here is what I have not been doing: SLEEPING. Also, RELAXING. Also, READING.

The situation is sufficiently dire that Fraser has finished a book before I have even started it. (To clarify: Usually I finish the series before he finishes the first book. And it was not a SHORT book, either.)

The good news is that I now know why. After doing all my bajillion invoices for the past year, I have earned about the same as usual.

Except that, ooh yeah, I WAS IN GERMANY FOR THE FIRST HALF OF THE FINANCIAL YEAR. And was not working.

Which means that earning the same as usual is sort of good news. And also explains why I have been feeling so crazy busy.

I had planned to take time off these school holidays, but a colleague has gone to France for 7 weeks. So I am both busy AND envious.

The girls spent 3 days of last week at mum and dad’s. Mum commented that that was about all she could take, much as she obviously adores her granddaughters.

And apparently it really WAS about all she could take, because she now has a filthy cold … and cannot mind them THIS week! Yikes!

Here is what I have done to try to solve the problem:

  1. Texted school outside-school-hours-care worker (possibly ex-worker) who babysat them in January, asking whether she is free.
  2. Considered ringing our regular babysitter … then remembered that I got her work at MY work for this week! Ooops!
  3. Asked the girls who they like at outside-school-hours-care … then walked to the local ice-cream shop where one of Otto’s favourites works part-time. The plan was to ask whether (a) she was interested or (b) she would pass on my number to another staffer, who Otto adores. Sadly, she was not there. The ice-cream was good, though.
  4. Otto’s new plan: “We should go there tomorrow, mummy. She might be there, then.” (I asked the other staffer, who said she only works Wednesday and Friday. Sigh.
  5. Advertised for a GERMAN SPEAKING babysitter in a support group for German people.
  6. Considered emailing the Outside-school-hours-care co-ordinator (whose email address I have but possibly am not meant to have) to ask whether she would pass a message on to Otto’s favourite. As in, I have the email drafted … but it feels like I would be abusing the email address to actually use it for non-school-stuff. Curse my overdeveloped sense of privacy.
  7. Warned work that I may not make it in.
  8. Emailed a colleague to ask if she can do my 10am interview on Wednesday, just in case.
  9. Warned Fraser (who is unbelievably stressed as his work is craaaaaaazy too) that he may need to take a day off. Felt hugely guilty about this but really, my work is as important as his work, and they are OUR children.
  10. Got Fraser to take Otto out today (Biggie lazed around in her bathrobe and read) so that I could do a full day’s work. I did it, too, although I have more to do now and I am procrastinating a little. (This would be more laudable if I hadn’t already planned to work all day today so I can go out to a friend’s tomorrow)

Here are my goals for the week:

  1. Get to work. At least once, but particularly to the Important Meeting on Tuesday and the Important Meetings on Thursday.
  2. Clean the study. Yeah right … but at least I got to give the dresser/change table combo to friends. They will get good use from it, and I won’t have it any more. A double win.
  3. Get to bed before midnight. At least once.
  4. Stick to my Jenny Craig diet. I have been slipping.
  5. Get back to Curves. See #4, above.
  6. Win the lottery and buy a beach house to store all some of my books.

Just thought I would sneak that last one in.

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