… and I still never remember to take them to the supermarket!

10 Oct

I washed a load of “green bags” today. Technically, they are all different colours – but they’re the nice big non-woven poly bags.

They say a lot of things about us:

  • We read The Age and have been known to go to museums and/or art galleries
  • We have holidayed in Lorne
  • We mostly shop at Coles
  • We support the Anti-cancer council and have participated in the Mother’s Day Classic
  • We flirt with concepts like “natural produce” (but see above re: mostly shop at Coles)
  • We have children (or have very strange taste in adorable bunnies and Fifi and the Flowertots for adults)

Mostly though, what they say to me is:

  • How the hell can one family have TWENTY ONE envirobags?

The really sad thing is, this is probably less than half of our supply. Sure, they’re good for carrying games – but there are some stacked beside the game shelves for that. And it’s good to have some in each car, now that we are a 2-car household after I successfully stole my dad’s Daewoo.

But not, perhaps, 21.

I hope our local Coles still has those recycling boxes to collect envirobags to turn into car tyres or wearable art or plastic currency notes or something.

Now to decide which ones to keep …

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Posted by on October 10, 2010 in decluttering, shopping


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