Getting to the boxes

11 Oct

Clearing things up got a little further today, the last day of Fraser’s leave. I decided to unpack a box of science fiction books that has been in the corridor for a while.

First, though, I had to clear space on the corridor shelves, home of the science fiction and fantasy books, and dust them off. The bottom shelf, too short for paperbacks, still has miscellaneous books, but the remaining shelves are clear.

Next step was to unpack the box and vaguely – but not comprehensively – sort the books. I think each author’s books are together, but we certainly did not achieve alphabetisation.

The other book box in the corridor turned out to contain trashy novels which were to go behind the study door. This meant moving the books that were currently behind the door to the main shelves (anything not SFF) or into the corridor (SFF). And cleaning more shelves. And inventing new and cunning ways to double-stack.

It also meant listening to Fraser mock my books. See, the corridor, as I said, contains science fiction (mostly his) and fantasy (mostly mine). He is thinking of banishing the fantasy to “somewhere else” so that it does not POLLUTE! his pristine beautiful books. The book most singled out for his derision – possibly justifiably, I must admit – is called Catfantastic! and is a collection of short stories featuring cats. Or, as Fraser calls it, CAT PORN.

(Someone should perhaps tell my husband that there is probably such a thing as real CAT PORN —- but I digress.)

The outcome, after much mumbling and grumbling, is a semi-mixed collection of “our” books, partially alphabetised.

And a book of CAT PORN, hidden between two of Fraser’s Special Books.

Photo post to follow.

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