Bigster’s room

16 Oct

I have been cleaning and decluttering Bigster’s room before she gets back from Hong Kong.

Well, more decluttering than cleaning.

I had to get Fraser to help me tonight.

See, my approach involved going through ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING that might have things that could be thrown out. Mostly, getting it out and sorting it in the middle of the floor.

It’s not quite as bad as it looks – at least, that’s what I tell myself. In those piles, there’s a box of stuff to go to the Trash & Treasure stall at school; a box of stuff to go to Otto’s room; a box of paper rubbish; two empty boxes; a bag of rubbish rubbish; and a box to go to the study. So that can get out of the room fairly easily. It’s just the rest of the stuff that still needs to be sorted.

She’s back on Tuesday, and her Hong Kong exchange sister arrives five days later, to share her room.

At least her bookshelves are reasonably under control – and this after I unpacked another 2 boxes of books into them! (The other bookshelf that you can see side-on is also 4′ wide and 6′ high – but it has lots of horizontal stacks of series books). We’re going to have to go through the shelves when she gets home to work out (a) what she hasn’t read yet; (b) what she isn’t going to read again; and (c) what could be passed on to her sister.

We’re taking Otto out tomorrow – she doesn’t often get the chance to go out with just the two of us – and then I aim to finish cleaning Biggie’s room. Our cleaner comes on Monday, which means the carpet will get a really good vacuum etc – but I need to get rid of the clutter first. Her method of tidying is to stack everything in front of the fireplace which, as you can see, tends to be problematic. I think one of the boxes that is there is still half-full from the last cleanup.

I did a big clean while Biggie was on school camp in July-ish, but didn’t do the decluttering bit or fully deal with the fireplace pile, so things have deteriorated since then. I’m hoping that by chucking out the old, broken and useless items, we’ll end up with a manageable amount of room – and with constant bookshelf access, which is the truly important thing in Bigster’s life.

The study corner is something I am conflicted about, as I’m a big believer in common areas for homework and study (and especially for computers). Sometimes, though, she wants to sit somewhere and write a letter or do some doodling, and her little desk is perfect for that sort of task.

I hope to post “After” photos on Monday night 🙂

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