What Kittens Need

16 Nov

The one thing that Otto really fell behind on when we took 5 months off last year was her writing. And this year, being in a combined Year 1 – Year 2 classroom, she has consistently worked down to the lowest level in the class – grade 1, to her grade 2. She actively resists writing, and complains or cries when asked to write more than a sentence or two, so it was lovely when she came out with a pen and paper last night to talk about what we would need for our Kittens. (OMG how do we sustain this excitement for FOUR WEEKS?!)

That’s right, if you haven’t already caught up with the news, we have officially adopted TWO Ragdoll kittens who will come to us on December 12th. Their names are Snowflake and Solar Eclipse (or Eclipse for short) and they are adorable … we want to go and visit them again and again and again!!

Eclipse has the dark ears (seal or maybe tortoiseshell? I’m sure I should know!) and Snowflake’s ears are a reddish colour (flame point?). Both are adorable. And both are of unclear gender, although this photo seems to suggest that Eclipse might be a boy. We went to visit for 15 minutes and stayed 70.

Anyway. Otto’s list.

The list.

Kittens’ area

1. barira (barrier) for kittens so they can’t escape.

2: bed, sraching post (littel), litter tray, food, kitten milk, litter, bowls

I’ve ordered a book on kitten care and another on the Ragdoll breed so she can read up on them. Even Bigster, who was FAR too cool (but also too injured) to go to visit the kittens, said OMG! They are ADORABLE! when she saw the photos.

On the topic of the barrier … after discussing where to keep the kitties when they first come home (I wasn’t keen on just leaving them in the bathroom, our only really contained area), we have decided to put them in front of the French doors in the dining room. That way, they’re in the activity hub. Which then leaves the question of how to contain them for that first week or so – Otto’s “barira”. My latest and greatest idea (well, I like it) is to buy a paddling pool and keep them in there while they need to be contained (um, not full of water) as we can then use it for the kids during the Summer. It’s multi-use! And would be big enough to hold their bed, scratching post, favourite toys, litter tray, food and drink. Does anyone with more recent kitten experience than I have an opinion on this? Or on whether 30cm walls are enough to contain 8-week-old kittens? (I am leaning towards the 50cm deep option which might also be more popular with my girls who are really a bit old for paddling pools, but it’s about four times the price of the little 30cm one. Also I think it should be non-inflatable.).


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3 responses to “What Kittens Need

  1. bmyork

    November 16, 2010 at 9:12 pm

    A paddling pool is an excellent idea. Just make sure the kittens don’t have any form of claw or tooth and I’m certain the pool won’t have hundreds of tiny tiny punctures all over it.

    • Melissa

      November 16, 2010 at 10:21 pm

      Meh. Scratches, schmatches. They’re not going to claw their way out in a hurry.

  2. Gerald

    November 17, 2010 at 2:37 am

    The only thing wrong with kittens is that they eventually grow up (sort of like babies in general).

    Have fun with them. It’s great for kids (and families) to have pets, and we’re a cat family from way back.


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