One week down

29 Jul

Otto’s first week at her new school has gone really well. She’s been tired, but not excessively so, and has seemed happy and settled.

Things she has liked:

  • her friends, who remembered her from her “trial” days in May. She seems to have two particular friends, but the small group of children seems to be quite cohesive and welcoming/inclusive.
  • having a desk!
  • her new school bag. Also lunch box, drink bottle, etc.
  • school slippers!
  • having a fridge and microwave – well, access to them. Lunch boxes go in the fridge in the morning, and there is a microwave in each classroom which the children use during “second lunch”.
  • exercise books and textbooks. She is still waiting for a couple, as the teachers establish what level she is working at.
  • having her drink bottle on her desk all day.
  • choir/singing practice.
  • communication book – we sign this every day. And write notes and stuff.
  • parent/teacher appointments – every week, the teachers post their times in case parents want to meet with them to discuss their child’s progress (or anything else). (OK, this is something Otto couldn’t care less about, but we like it)
  • the library. She has already borrowed two books and a CD. And next week, she will start to bring home readers as well.
  • having a fountain pen!

Things that are taking a bit of time (as expected):

  • learning to write with a fountain pen (especially as she is left-handed)
  • getting to know other parents (me!) 🙂

Things she needs to catch up on:

  • maths – she’s a full year behind. We are confident that she will catch up, but she is currently working out of a Year 2 workbook – she understands that it’s the right level, though. We’ve talked about maybe bringing her book home next weekend so she can do a little homework.
  • cursive script – she’s never learnt “joined up writing”. And the other children are using a slightly different script than she is. Again, this won’t take long to remedy.

We are feeling great.

She’ll catch up with some friends from her old school tomorrow. We’re hoping it doesn’t unsettle her. I don’t think there will be any teasing – these kids are more the “I have missed you!” type. And she will skite about the extra 6 days’ holiday. And then they will just play.


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3 responses to “One week down

  1. John Kennard

    July 30, 2011 at 12:09 am

    i’d like Pygmy Hippo to go to Otto’s new school, please!

  2. yewenyi

    July 30, 2011 at 11:41 am

    A fountain pen?!? I am astounded. I hated the things owing to my natural clumsiness. But it sounds good that she is happy at the new school. You will have to change the image at the top of your blog now. ;-P

  3. gregor

    August 14, 2011 at 7:47 pm

    A fountain pen? WIll she get the cane if she’s naughty?


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