BGGcon Day 5 – In Which Melissa is Very Domestic.

18 Nov

Well we have reached Day 5 now without serious calamity. The closest we came was my nearly forgetting to put the bins out. And oops – just realised I have thoroughly forgotten to bring them in again.

Otto made her own school lunch today which was potentially interesting but actually turned out to be very simple – a “turkey, ham and cheese” sandwich (which turned out to be a “turkey ham” ie sliced turkey breast “and cheese” ie and cheese) sandwich, some leftover pasta and an apple.

I finally gave up on our router (turns out that where I have been blaming an unspecified neighbour’s completely hypothetical porn habit I should perhaps have been blaming our rather old router which I think predates the aforementioned turkey ham eater) and bought a new one. I did lots of research, pinned down a model (and price) that I thought would do the trick, and rang the nearest shop. “Is that the white one?” they asked.

Yes. It has lots of fancy stuff, but what is important is its colour. Who knew that my router was really an iPhone?

I hung out with a friend this afternoon, did some housework while we chatted, then picked Otto up from school and headed for the local ice cream shop. This was a good plan today, totally justified by 35 degree heat, but I lose a bit of face when I confess that we go nearly every week regardless of the weather. Wore a new top which I thought was not very me but which both my kids liked. Girl stuff. Also went to a local cafe where my juice was Just Not Cold Enough. Seriously considering moving some of our glasses into the fridge to help on days like this.

More girl stuff: Realised that I was seriously considering buying a curling iron. To use after I use my hair straightener. When I put it that way, I decided to hold off for a while.

Bigster had friends over after school to make a film about Alice in Wonderland, for their English assignment. We got back to find one of the boys in a red satin frock with facepaint. Why do I have scruples about posting pictures of other people’s children on the internet? Grrrr! Then I made pizza and thought about making ice cream. It didn’t happen.

Otto’s friend and her mum (my friend) came over after ice cream bar. Otto and friend watched German cartoons and then a movie (well, the start of it). But first, they watched the big kids – “it’s like we are watching a MOVIE be made!”. We mums chatted. Facebook tells us we know someone in common. World, small, etc.

And then YouTube made me happy.

All in all, a good day.


Posted by on November 18, 2011 in children, family


2 responses to “BGGcon Day 5 – In Which Melissa is Very Domestic.

  1. Gerald

    November 19, 2011 at 7:58 am

    Sounds like you are surviving well. Hang in there.

    I can’t believe how much your children have grown up. I recall you talking about them before they were in school (if my failing memory isn’t too far off). Our grandchildren will be 14 and 16 (years) next month, so I know about fasting aging of kids.

    • Melissa

      November 22, 2011 at 10:39 pm

      Gerald, the speed at which they grow up terrifies me. I remember when your grandchildren were the age Otto is now!


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