I give up!

14 Dec

This tracking-spending thing is dumb.

Today’s spending:

  • Parking $17 (probably refundable from client but the “receipt” button was hidden so I don’t have one)
  • Diet Coke $6
  • Hot Chocky meeting with client $3.50
  • Forgot to have lunch. As in, completely forgot. All I ate before 6pm was a banana before I left for work. And half a bottle of Diet Coke. And the aforementioned hot chocky. $0 but not the good kind.
  • Claratyne to deal with MASSIVE hay fever attack. $30
  • Barley sugars to soothe throat enough to chug Claratyne $4.50
  • Bigster’s German lesson $50
  • Misc groceries $30 but when I look now it is mostly junk food that I didn’t actually eat, just bought. Oops.

Oh yeah.

And the Christmas shopping that I did at 2:30am because I was still working.

Let’s not go there.

Meanwhile, in more exciting activities, I managed to shock MYSELF with something disgusting I said to a friend. Not sure I shocked her, though. Just me.

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