Lessons in Medicine. Which gets a little gross.

17 Apr

I learned all sorts of interesting things today.

For example about parts of the body.

Here is a diagram of some parts of the body that I know. (I do know some other ones but it would be pretty dull if I listed all the tarsals and carpals and things. And much more interesting if I listed some of the others but I strive to keep things PG here).

ankle stomach ribs humerus ears etc

It gets icky behind the “More” link, if you are still on the homepage of my blog. Consider yourself warned!

When people get sick, sometimes they vomit. This can hurt parts of the body as shown in the next diagram:

Venn diagram showing the STOMACH.

As many of you know, two weeks ago a vomit virus that probably started at Otto’s school raced through our family sparing no-one, young or old.

After being in sporadic pain for the last couple of weeks, today I went to see our family doctor. And guess what!

Stomach and RIBS (What's that about?!)

Yes – I was convulsing so much that I fractured (or maybe just cracked, if you distinguish the two terms – not sure that my doctor did) a RIB.

I didn’t know that you could DO that.

At the time, I remember, I told Fraser that it felt like I cracked a rib or something – but that was more just to share the awfulness of the experience.

I thought I was joking.


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