Milking my family for sympathy (NOT)

18 Apr

More mentions of vomit within. Also a cat poo reprise. You have been warned.

After being told that I had fractured a rib just from vomiting I was, well, spewing. But I figured that I should at least get one night’s sympathy from my family. And I would milk it for all it was worth.

I started via SMS:

Me: Hope your day went well especially the Latin test. I went to the Dr and it turns out I vomited so badly 2 weeks ago that I FRACTURED A RIB omg!! See you when you get home xxmum

I was pleased with that. Caring loving parent who thinks about what is going on in her child’s life and then WHAM! FRACTURED RIB! and then caring loving parent again. Maybe she would bring me chocolate?

Bigster: OMG! Is it possible for you to collect me from the library?

Not chocolate then.

Me: With my OMG broken rib?! Would be a bit annoying. Possible though. Let me know. Xxmum.

Trying again. Also, exaggeration.

Bigster: Preferable but understandable if you cannot.

“I won’t insist but I can guilt you into it oh yes just watch me”

Me: Let’s say only if you have a heavy bag. Better if I can rest but not if you will be hurt. Your call.

REST is a good word. It suggests being feeble and injured – but I am willing to be the martyr if she makes me.

Bigster: I do and bad feet from mozzie bites – is it ok?

I am injured too. By TINY FLYING INSECTS. But I won’t actually insist because then I would have lost.

Me: Sure. Bus stop. Now?

OK. I am weak.

In fairness, she did OMG FRACTURED RIB WHAT IS THAT a little when I picked her up. But not enough to – ooh – clean up the cat poo. Even though it is her day.


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