Returning to study

30 Apr

Because I don’t have enough to keep me busy *cough*, I am thinking about going back to study.

Fraser, as usual, suspects that I may be insane.

There are a few reasons for this. The going-back-to-study, not the insanity speculation. There may be many reasons for the latter but they are not mine to explore.

The main one is that I have no formal qualifications at all for the stuff I do. I sort of fell into this field about 15 years ago and have just gone with the flow, learning on the job and reading up on new techniques. Which is not a bad way to be, especially since I don’t think there WERE formal qualifications back then, but it’s not the greatest way to be when you are trying to Impress Clients with how Fabulous you are. OK, technically, I have a Graduate Certificate plus 2 subjects (so *almost* a Grad Dip) in Software Development. But that is kind of the pointy end rather than the touchy feely end where I actually work.

Other reasons are about a bit of insecurity about the place where I work – our director is getting older & has said she probably has about 5 years left in the business. That means that I may be looking for a job in 5 years’ time – better to have a qualification when and if that time comes.

And then there’s the one about just liking to study.

Anyway. I found the perfect course which I could study ONLINE. And I thought maybe I could just pick a subject or two and go for it. Because a subject or two is better than no subjects at all. And then I could decide later whether I wanted to keep going or turn it into a degree course of some kind.

With this in mind, I contacted the university. I told them a bit about my background and what I do professionally and that I was thinking of doing a bit more study and this is what happened:

Melissa: I am thinking about doing a subject or two online, to see how it works.
Head of Department: Oh yes, you should do our Graduate Diploma. We can give you exemptions.
Melissa: Well, I was thinking about doing a couple of subjects online, because they are the same as the Grad Dip subjects, and I want to see how study works for me. And they are half the price.
Head of Department: Oh well we can give you credit for those towards a Grad Dip. Up to two of them. And also just give you credit for 2 subjects because we like you. And you could do a Masters of course. Actually, you should. That is only 4 more subjects than the Grad Dip. So you would do eight subjects with us and have a MASTERS. Tempt tempt.
Melissa: Yes but first I want to do two subjects to see whether I can fit them in. Busy life blah blah.
Head of Department: Of course. And then after you do your Masters, you can do a PhD with us too.
Melissa: Let’s start with the two subjects, huh?

So I have been trying to enrol for the two subjects. Well, for one of them. Which is a second-year subject and usually has a pre-requisite, which I am assured is not enforced.

Except, as it turns out, by the people who are actually DOING THE ENROLMENT. So I have been phoning them a lot this week to try to work out how to get myself enrolled. And quoting a student number and stuff, which is a bit of a blast from the past.

Apparently I am going to have to write ESSAYS.

Which should not be a huge big deal given that I can blurt out umpteen blog posts a week and write a report at 2am and have written a thesis in the past. But still.




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2 responses to “Returning to study

  1. Neroli Wesley

    May 29, 2012 at 9:57 pm

    Which uni Lissa?


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