Rewards and goals

10 May

Playing around with my phone, I discovered a half-formed post which I thought was worth finishing.

Fraser and I have a “when we win the lottery” list. Technically, I guess, there are two lists. Mine is both longer and less specific than Fraser’s (which includes a full set of every Star Trek DVD ever made). Being more practical, mine includes room to store those DVDs.

Since I discovered Pinterest, there’s a lot more stuff on my list.

In conversation a few months ago, someone mentioned her list. It’s very short – just one item – but what struck me is that it’s not a reward for the ultimately passive achievement of winning a lottery: it was a reward for earning more than $x on a particular type of project.

I think I like that. There can (and should) still be a lottery plan (how else is Fraser going to get his DVDs), but there should be another that’s about plain hard work. And there should be lots of things on there.

My new mission is to tie some of my goals to more specific things, and find ways to get that really fabulous “treat” feeling into everyday life.

And the first specific thing – as usual – is Do My Invoicing: I just need to find a suitable goal/reward.

I’m thinking shoes.

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Posted by on May 10, 2012 in grand plans, tax


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