Inspection Required

21 May

My love affair with Aldi continues apace.

Visiting on Thursday, I discovered this unique concept:

Gravy Warmer: Keeps Gravy warm

It’s a Gravy Warmer. As one friend pointed out, it could only be more fabulously useless if it were a USB Gravy Warmer.

Picking up their catalogue at the same time, I discovered that Saturday’s specials included something called an Inspection Camera. Which is a still/video camera with a long bendy flex attached to a hand-held unit with a screen. The camera – and a fairly strong LED light – are on the end of the flex – so you can poke it into places and see what is going on.

Inspection Camera image

The Inspection Camera, as shown in the Aldi catalogue.
Image source:

So on Saturday, off I trotted to Aldi and duly collected my Inspection Camera (much to Fraser’s disgust).  At first I thought they didn’t have any, but it was just much bigger than I’d expected, and came in a carrycase. With ATTACHMENTS. omg.

It came out at Saturday night games for a demo. I started by putting it down my top (“oh that’s what I am wearing today?”). Then we took it in terms to inspect our ears – ever conscious of the instruction that it is Not a Medical Device. Here is a photo of Fraser (I haven’t put a memory card into it yet, so you will be spared the other end of the image).

Fraser checks his ear with the Inspection Camera.

“There’s a bear in there” – no wait, just an eardrum.
Gamers are much more interested in the shelves (they’re IKEA BILLYs) behind him.

And here is Kerrin, wondering how it would work for overhead shots of game boards.

Kerrin tries out the Inspection Camera.

“What move should I make next,” wonders Kerrin. Thankfully, the Inspection Camera is there to help!

Today, Otto and I used it to snoop around under Fraser’s and my bed.

Really, the possibilities are endless. It is quite probably the Most Awesome Toy I have bought in at least a month or two.

Here’s the list we’ve come up with so far:

  • Under the beds
  • In the cupboards
  • Behind the sofa cushions (this from my mother who seems to have missed the point that that’s not exactly difficult)
  • Inside the wall cavities (my friend who has studied architecture had just one word of advice here: don’t)
  • Under the floor boards (ditto)
  • Up the chimneys
  • Under the seats in the car
  • Behind the shelves (where we think things have fallen)
  • For looking round corners
  • Checking yourself for lice
  • Drains (actually, this would be an awesome tool if you dropped your keys – it ha a magnetic attachment you can use to pick things up)

And then we realised that we could do QUIZZES with photos from the Inspection Camera. And “Find the Meeple” pictures where we put a Meeple somewhere interesting and take photos of it.

And we wondered whether, if I am meant to be a Social Media Expert (at least at work), and blogging is Social Media, and you need to blog to understand blogging, and I am blogging about the Inspection Camera – surely it should be Tax Deductible, right?

And at least one of my gaming buddies is off to buy herself one.

And this morning at school one of the mums was worrying that she had Rats and I said Never Fear, if you don’t find them today, you can borrow my Inspection Camera to look behind the fridge. And another mum said OMG YOU CAN BUY AN ENDOSCOPE AT ALDI THIS WEEK. And I said QED! And a couple of other people decided that they might have to get one too.

So now I am the proud owner of a battery-munching Non-medical device. And willing to do Missions. If the suggestions are funny enough.

Bring it on.


9 responses to “Inspection Required

  1. Aline

    May 21, 2012 at 4:51 pm

    Evil Dust Bunnies that lurk behind the toilet…
    Mysterious Hairballs that hide under the washing machine…
    Slimy Food Thingies that wade under the grating in the dishwasher…
    Sneeze-inducing Fluffies that sit just behind the dryer door…
    Stale Crumb Bits that sit patiently inside the toaster…

    Hmm…I sense a whitegoods/electric theme going on here…(Maybe one needs this device to remind oneself of all the housework that needs to be avoided?)

    • Melissa

      May 22, 2012 at 9:30 am

      Not doing housework just makes life with the Inspection Camera That Much More Interesting. At least, that’s my theory. Did I mention it comes with a little hook and a magnet and a mirror?

  2. John Farrell

    May 31, 2012 at 3:22 pm

    I would totally use one of them for checking myself for skin cancers. I have other ideas too but they are somewhat indecent.

    • Melissa

      May 31, 2012 at 3:24 pm

      It was the little hook and the magnet and the mirror that did it for you, right?


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