Still on my bike

28 May

I have not written much about my bike lately because there is not much that is interesting or amusing to say. And because it has been rainy so I haven’t had it out as much as I’d planned. But here are some things that have happened.

I downloaded a cycle computer app thingy that calculates many things including how far you have ridden and how much CO2 you saved by riding. It makes me feel very virtuous but sometimes I forget to turn it on.

I rode to school and collected Otto one day. Lots of people asked me about my bike and Otto had a great time showing it off. Then I fell off.

OK, technically I didn’t fall off, the bike fell over. And I caught it and stopped myself and it from falling. Which is good because it is rather heavy!

Fortunately no-one was there to see me. It was on a very rough and uneven patch of ground, and I was going a bit too fast. Still gave myself a bit of a jolt though.

It takes 50% longer (at least) to ride somewhere with Otto. I know because my Cycle Computer App told me so.

My mother saw it on Mother’s Day. She walked right past it twice (because it is so easy not to see something that is TAKING UP MOST OF THE FRONT PORCH) so I pointed it out to her. She gave a little scream and said OH! IT’S SO BIG! – Apparently she had been telling all her friends that I had bought a tricycle and it was “a dear little thing, with a market basket on the front.”

Otto and I rode to Safeway one day. That’s a little under 4km round trip and includes a stretch of bike path. We did a week’s grocery shopping which sat comfortably in my bike, but it was heavy to pull it onto the front porch when I got home.

While we were at Safeway, we ran into the Bigster’s French teacher. All the Bigster could say was, “Please tell me she didn’t see your bike!”

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