Four Reasons

16 Apr

Speaking to Otto about the Boston Marathon Bombing today, because she’s 10 and it’s time to tell her all the bad stuff I’d rather tell her myself before her friends do, and get it wrong.

“I can’t even begin to understand what could bring someone to do that,” says I.

“I can,” says Otto, then proceeds to enumerate:

  • They must have had a lot of alcohol
  • Or drunk a lot of drugs
  • Or MAYBE they were hypnotised. By a crazy magician.

She thought for a while, then added one:

  • Or they could just have been BORN EVIL.

I’m not sure where to begin. But I like the crazy magician theory.

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Posted by on April 16, 2013 in children


One response to “Four Reasons

  1. Jonathan O'Donnell

    April 17, 2013 at 11:19 am

    We are in such a bubble over here. This is the first I heard of it – about one day and 7 hours after it happened.

    My money is on BORN EVIL, but I’ve always been a black and white sort of guy.


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