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I surveyed my Facebook friends this week, about how many pairs of shoes might be considered “too many”. The verdict was that most are too disinterested to respond.

Of those that did, however, the general consensus was FIVE.

That’s right. Five pairs of shoes is too many.

I think even Fraser has five pairs of shoes. See diagram below. Almost.

In fairness Kathy went to 10, and Mousey even allowed up to 15. But that was the highest anyone went, even though I tried to skew things by offering increments up to forty.

Dear Friends,

You suck at validating my shoe fetish.

Love, Melissa xxx

I got excited and drew some Matrices. To represent the Need For Shoes.

Here is Fraser’s:

Casual, Rubber-soled Flat, dressy Heels Boots Sandals
White Runners
Black Work shoes Crappy sandals
Brown Hiking boots

4 pairs.

OK let’s try the kids.


Casual, Rubber-soled Flat, dressy Heels Boots Sandals
White Runners
Black Dressy shoes
And another more casual pair on order
Ugg boot style things. She wears them as slippers. Bought in Albury last year when she was hideously sick & couldn’t keep warm.
Brown Everyday shoes. Kind of groovy. A pair my mum bought her that probably don’t fit any more
Green Everyday shoes. Soft and fairly worn.

Note please the count: 7 pairs of shoes. Owned by one of the people who said 5 pairs was too many. QED.


Casual, Rubber-soled Flat, dressy Heels Boots Sandals
White Runners (they are purple too)
Black School shoes
And another pair with gold bits
Purple Last year’s boots. Tragically, probably outgrown.
Gold and silver Can I count 2 pairs of Jiffys here? She wears them as slippers at school and everything.

Yah. Not so great. Not really breaking any records there.

My matrix – once created – turned out to be a really good way to keep a log of all my shoes. A LOG OF MY SHOES. Which is itself one of those statements that suggests that the two shoe shops and I should perhaps have a parting of ways – for a time, anyway.

It is also a pretty fabulous way to frighten Fraser.

But I may never live it down.

And so – having set the scene – I will try my poll again.


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Otto's drawing: I love you mum

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It’s all in the name

We are now a 4-iPod house.

The main one, Fraser and I bought together, when we first dipped our toes into the world of iPod. It is called iTinkerbell.

Then I got sick of carrying iTink, and bought a little (first generation) Nano to carry. And it is called, simply, iLissa.

So today I picked up an iPod Touch (gift! OMG! *smoochies*) and a very pink Nano, to round us up to four. They are called, quote appropriately, iTouchLissa (blush) and iPinkThereforeiAm

I have NEVER been one to name cars. So it surprises me how much joy I get in finding the very perfectest name for these items.

Also? OMG you can play LEMONADE TYCOON on iTouchLissa. I am sure there are many other wonderful apps, but I am enjoying remembering just how banananas it drove me.


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We had a bizarre videotape accident, which led to taping over the first episode of Mad Men. We didn’t notice until we sat down to watch it tonight.

In one of those happy coincidences, though, there was something English and slightly surreal on the telly. 

Go, people. Go now.

Go and rent, borrow or steal * the movie Hot Fuzz

I guarantee, you will not be disappointed. **


* Stealing is not an option this establishment endorses or condones.
** Bemused and a little weirded out, possibly. But therein lies the true greatness of this very very surprising fillum.


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What I did today :)

Woke up.

Thought, hmm, I need to do some work.

Decided to turn on the eee first to check email etc in bed.

La, la, la. Read the paper, checked email, wandered around on bgg. Then decided to do what I usually do on Mondays – check the Qantas website and sob that airfares to Germany are around the $2700 mark during June-July.


$1409 RETURN!!!

gmail and gtalk Fraser. Possibly before he was even at work. Wait impatiently for him to respond.

Three options. Let’s go through them and eliminate some. OK, let’s eliminate one and change one. We now have dates we will be in Europe

Run to bathroom, shower, dress. Makeup? Nah, no time.

Me, on gtalk: Fraser, this is your last chance to change anything

Fraser, on gtalk: Go for it.

Drive to shopping centre. OMG my travel agent has a client with him. Make appointment to see him in 20 minutes, run to kmart to pick up easter egg for niece.

Back to travel agent. He’s free.


Our preferred dates are booked out. Wotthehell, we’ll go a bit earlier.

Travel insurance? You beaut. No problems there either. 


We are booked. I must pay today. $6200 for 4 return airfares to Europe. Expected price was over $9800. Holy frijole that’s a cheap plane ride.

And so, ’twas done. 

We leave Australia in late June, and Fraser will join us in late July. We return at the end of November, leaving time for a trans-atlantic hop to BGGcon if we decide the kids are up for it. Or if Fraser decides to go on his own.

The Bigster might even, if she is very lucky, get to see a German christmas market.

I am so excited. Also, a little bit terrified. But only a little bit, because that won’t really kick in until a week before I FLY TO THE OTHER SIDE OF THE WORLD WITH MY KIDS. omg.

Now, apartment hunting. And trying to rent out our house. Or find a home exchange, or something. And thinking about travel. And school, and all that stuff.

And telling work, of course. Yikes.


Oh yeah – my day. Then I had a filling. This afternoon, I have a pap smear and an icky painful gynae thing. From the sublime to the ridiculous, here I go again.


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Birthday wrap-up

You would think, after all this time, that I would understand that Otto really doesn’t speak – and that expecting her to say something on cue is futile. But I was pretty sad that there was no “Happy birthday” today, from her. After a stressful week, I felt that I could have done with a little pandering.

The rest of the day, though, was good. 🙂 Read the rest of this entry »


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holiday day 13 – Friday 23rd January

We are home!


More later. For now … mmmm, home.

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Guest overload

One side benefit of the house being cleaner (well, less cluttered – it wasn’t ever dirty) is that I don’t stress so much about having people – especially Other People’s Children – over.

Today was a case in point. Read the rest of this entry »

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I think – cautiously – that I might now officially be on holidays.

No mail from work since Friday (and that was just an FYI).

No clients with tight deadlines to be met.

No plans to be in the office until February.

This year, I’m probably not even going to take my work PC to the beach. The eee is enough, I think.

Outlook for the week:

  • Monday – housework. Sigh.
  • Tuesday – organiser coming. More housework, but Of The Good Kind.
  • Wednesday – gloriously free. 
  • Thursday – Kids have friends over, I am babysitting my niece (the kids will have fun with her). I might see whether one of my friends wants to come over too.
  • Friday – unclear. May go away early, may pack. Heh – the weather outlook for our second week at the beach has rain expected almost every day. Great for the garden and the catchments, not so great for, well, spending time at the beach.

Meanwhile, we had a wonderful picnic at St Kilda Botanical Gardens yesterday. Warm but not too warm, the kids had a wonderful time running around (and running around and running around) while we lazed on the grass and chatted. Nearby, some people had hula hoops while others played Frisbee. We took a walk to feed the ducks and saw tiny baby ducklings, tadpoles and a turtle. The children used the plastic salad bowl to try to catch tadpoles. Only two fell in – one into the shallows, the other into what was shallow but rapidly dipped away into adult thigh-height. Luckily her dad was on close watch or this could have been a tragedy – as it was, his wallet was the only victim. Pleased to say that Otto managed to NOT fall in. Didn’t leave till after 4 (I had expected to be home before 2).

Note to self: Arrange picnics with friends, this summer. Often.

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Being part of a Community or Communities is about feeling connected to other people.

Take the last 24 hours.

  • I bought takeaway icecream and the server in the shop said, “Don’t I know you?” – we worked out that she’s one of the carers at the after-school program my kids go to sometimes.
  • I got to school, kids  having had a bad morning. Two other mothers said, OMGMYMORNINGWASJUSTTHESAME.
  • Home again, parcel delivered by our ‘usual’ parcel delivery guy. “How are the kids?” he asked
  • Chatting with online friends, about what they are up to but also about what is not so good.
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