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Every so often, I get an email from a Facebook application that tells me something like this:

Your friends have voted on your strengths and weaknesses:


best to hang out with for a day
best listener
best shopping companion


person with the best hair

And it always makes me wonder what Weaknesses means. Does it mean that I have OMG the best hair and that is a weakness? Or does it mean that the world has not yet woken up to the Fabulousness That Is My Hair?

This is not actually about the hair. It was more about the happy – I think I am usually a fairly happy person (I certainly try to be). Clearly I will have to bribe some of my Facebook buddies to agree with me.

I am not really complaining though. I am happy to be voted the OMGBestShoppingCompanion.

I should perhaps confess, though, that that is really not the case. I am in fact a horrible shopping companion unless you want to keep me company while I shop. In which case I am probably delightful, if somewhat driven. But if you want something? Watch out.

Meanwhile, I made a poll in my BGG profile too.

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Book shopping

One of the delightful things I bought today is a book to give my sister-in-law, who will be putting the four of us up this weekend.

It attracted my eye because of the title – “Porn for Women” (what can I say …) – but captured my attention because the front cover photograph was of a man with a vacuum cleaner.

Inside, the photos are of reasonably attractive but by no means swoony men, mostly fully dressed, doing household chores, with quotes like

  • Ooh, look, the NFL Playoffs are today. I bet we’ll have no trouble parking at the crafts fair.
  • I don’t have to have a reason to bring you flowers.
  • God, that’s so interesting. Tell me more.
  • Well, I can’t offer you any solutions, but I am a good listener.
  • Want to snuggle?

And, my personal favourite:

  • I know. Let’s take you shoe shopping!

Given the gifts my sister-in-law has bought for me in the past, I am pretty confident that she will appreciate this one 🙂


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Odd sort of productivity, but I like it.

In the last 24 hours, I have

  • Rated and commented on 2 games that I either had not played or had forgotten to rate.
  • Chatted with three … four … several (I think four) friends.
  • Exchanged a flurry of international SMS messages. OK, it was a small flurry, but that is always fun.
  • Kept food down!! Yay, me!!
  • Got Otto back to sleep quickly and painfully.
  • Played a game. Well, most of a game.
  • Named my IUD and discovered the new and exciting world of innuendo that is to be explored when you combine ABBA and this particular kind of birth control, especially when a friend joins in as well. Errm, joins in the game. Of making up slightly smutty comments. That’s all.
  • Given – and received – some much-needed comfort.
  • Spoiled myself by buying 2 new books – one is french grammar exercises and therefore relatively uninteresting to the rest of you; the other is an amazing semi-autobiographical story that is at once tragic, moving and wryly funny. More on this later when I have finished it.
  • Successfully resisted (once) the urge to just say yes when a client wanted more hours out of me than are humanly possible.
  • Cleared some more space in the study (I know I should not be doing this) by replacing the huge old monitor that died last night with a slender and sexy little LCD screen.
  • Contemplated more major house re-organisation (OMG! Ce n’est pas possible !)
  • MAYBE solved my mental problems with French possessive pronouns (OK that was about 30 hours ago).
  • Oh yeah – and done probably 3 days’ work. All billable, I think. *YAY*.

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The bleurgh

When you upload a new userpic on Twitter, you get a message that says, “That’s a nice picture!”

Maybe it was my close encounter with, errm, Spike that made me feel so wretched this evening. Either way, “That’s a nice picture!” made me smile.

And now, I have mascara in my eye and must go clean it, before I return to the work I am doing. Which is both interesting and dull at the same time. And which will keep me going for some considerable time yet.


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People are nice

Racing to get to a meeting with a new client this morning, I jumped on the first tram that arrived. I sort of knew deep down that my 10-ride tram ticket had expired, and went digging in my purse to find the coins to buy a ticket from the on-board machine. Which only accepts coins. Which I didn’t have.

Of course, next thing I hear is “Inspectors, can we see your tickets please?”

I said to the inspector nearest me, “Do you have change for $5?” He didn’t, or wasn’t allowed to give it to me, but suggested that I ask my fellow passengers, who were all looking sympathetic. I had a purse full of used tickets – it was clear that I was not a Fare Evader.

None of them did … then one woman dug around in her purse and said, “Here’s $2 though, take this, maybe someone else has the rest” – and then someone else passed me a dollar and I used all the annoying coins in my purse and bought myself a ticket.

How nice was that!

The inspector watched me buy the ticket (I have noticed them do that before) but covered the officiousness of it by chatting with me about random stuff. I’ve read so many complaints about over-zealous ticket inspectors, but this guy really was nice about it, while still doing his job. Maybe it helps that I look dumpy and respectable 😉

Note to self: The kindness of strangers is a wonderful thing. Also, find a way to pay this forward.

Other note to self: Buy a new multi-trip ticket. And always carry coins.

Oh yeah – and the meeting went well, client was nice, work is interesting and in good supply. I’m giving today a 9 so far.


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I do not spend enough of my life sitting in parks.

Today, I made up for that in some small way.

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Saying thankyou

The girls came back from 2 days at my parents’ today – we met at a local cafe so I could treat them all to lunch (yum!). Sadly, Otto’s hair is full of paint that did not wash out with shampoo – to the point that I suspected I might have to get it cut off.

After lunch, I had my hair cut.

Now for the boys (who do not instinctively understand these things) “having my hair cut” means a pleasurable ritual of waxing (ow!), colour, wash, cut, style that typically takes about 2 hours every 8 weeks or so.

Scheduling this for school holidays was not, perhaps, the smartest move I have ever made.

Except for the lovely, lovely staff there.

I went prepared – Biggie had two books with her, as well as my iPod (a rare treat). Otto had the latest Dora the Explorer and Fifi and the Flowertots magazines.


First, the beauty therapist tried a citrus solvent to try to get the paint out of Otto’s hair (sadly, no luck, but props to her for trying). Then, she sat down with Otto to read her the stories in the Dora the Explorer magazine.

Meanwhile, the hairdressing apprentice asked whether she could braid Biggie’s hair.

Then the beauty therapist had a great idea and got out some acetone, which she managed to use to melt some of the paint in Otto’s hair. She decanted some into a little container for me to take home to finish the job.

Meanwhile, my hairdresser had settled down for a chat while the colour did its stuff, so she grabbed the nail polish remover and gave me a mini manicure while we yakked.

Later, the beauty therapist and another of the hairdressers (it was an uncharacteristically slow day) played hide and seek with Otto and fed the girls hot chocolates and Easter eggs.

Days like this are why I go back there again and again and again. Both girls are busy drawing Thankyou pictures to drop in tomorrow.

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(some number of) things I like about Wintery Weather.

  • Clothes you can snuggle into
  • Hot showers that steam up the bathroom mirror
  • Hot Water Bottles
  • Soup
  • Lying in a warm bed with only the tip of your nose peeking out to see how cold it really is
  • Open fires
  • Ice cream
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Happiness round-up

Random things that are making me happy today

  • Ankles.
  • Lebanese food.
  • Friends.
  • Lying in bed sobbing (beyond weeping) over a really good book.
  • The book of naughty French words I found at Borders.
  • Pink toenails.
  • Trashy novels.
  • Essen!
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In the news

The Daily Mail newspaper in the UK is one of my guilty pleasures. Lots of “family” news today.

Of all the things we value as a society, happiness is surely the most under-rated. We should plan time to do things that make us happy (this is something women – mothers, in particular – seem to be particularly bad at). We should plan time to do things to make other people, especially the people we care about, happy.

And possibly we should all have more sex 😉


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