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The story of Me, My Beloved and an Architect. A Flowchart in Three Columns.

I thought that a picture would be best.


So it’s back to me, the iPad and Home Designer. And the occasional tape measure.

The really annoying thing is that it has given us ideas above our station – nothing will live up to the Awesomeness that was that initial concept design.

The good thing is that we both realised that $X was WAY more than we were comfortable with. So we have revised our budget to 50% of X and I think we can do it. But with a builder, not an architect. And we won’t have to move out, although there might be a night or two in a local hotel/on a friend’s couch.


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Shoes. Another flowchart.

Melissa wants new shoes but her family do not share that wish

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Decision-making in my family

it's all about the kittens. And how Otto and I have no impulse control

I think this is accurate.

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