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Ladies’ Night

I am excited about our attempt to hold a Ladies’ Night on BSW next week.

My closest friends have always been men. For a while, I think I would have been pushed to name 3 close female friends. I am still drawn to men (minds out of the gutter please) and have a fairly wide circle of male friends.

As I have got older, though, I have realised how important it is to have women friends too. I’ve become closer to some of my older female relatives, too. The idea of a Sisterhood (or even one that starts with Sss) is a powerful one and is also an important one, I think. Women support each other in different ways than men, and a good chat with a girlfriend is a wonderful thing.

It is likely no surprise that most of my gaming, in real life as well as online, is with men. But next Saturday evening is reserved for the ladies.


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Odd sort of productivity, but I like it.

In the last 24 hours, I have

  • Rated and commented on 2 games that I either had not played or had forgotten to rate.
  • Chatted with three … four … several (I think four) friends.
  • Exchanged a flurry of international SMS messages. OK, it was a small flurry, but that is always fun.
  • Kept food down!! Yay, me!!
  • Got Otto back to sleep quickly and painfully.
  • Played a game. Well, most of a game.
  • Named my IUD and discovered the new and exciting world of innuendo that is to be explored when you combine ABBA and this particular kind of birth control, especially when a friend joins in as well. Errm, joins in the game. Of making up slightly smutty comments. That’s all.
  • Given – and received – some much-needed comfort.
  • Spoiled myself by buying 2 new books – one is french grammar exercises and therefore relatively uninteresting to the rest of you; the other is an amazing semi-autobiographical story that is at once tragic, moving and wryly funny. More on this later when I have finished it.
  • Successfully resisted (once) the urge to just say yes when a client wanted more hours out of me than are humanly possible.
  • Cleared some more space in the study (I know I should not be doing this) by replacing the huge old monitor that died last night with a slender and sexy little LCD screen.
  • Contemplated more major house re-organisation (OMG! Ce n’est pas possible !)
  • MAYBE solved my mental problems with French possessive pronouns (OK that was about 30 hours ago).
  • Oh yeah – and done probably 3 days’ work. All billable, I think. *YAY*.

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Timing (is everything)

More of Teh Crazy last night. We’d arranged to have dinner with Friendless and Scrabblette, who are in town for ConVic this weekend, but we were a bit vague on starting time, as Biggie had a recorder lesson. Also, we weren’t sure what time Fraser would be home.

The evening went something like this.

18:30 Me: Quick, get your stuff, we need to get going

18:40 Me: Quick, get your stuff, we need to get going

18:45 Me: Quick, get your stuff, we need to get going

18:47 Biggie starts frantically shifting games in the corridor, because she wants to get at Ticket to Ride so she can take it to loan to her teacher. Meanwhile, Otto is checking out the kids’ games and I am grabbing my handbag and encouraging them to keep moving. (Which may or may not be a polite way for being somewhat impatient)

18:50 Finally out the door. Load kids into car. See 2 people walking down the street – hi, Friendless and Scrabblette! We are racing to get to the 7pm Recorder class, I’ll just unlock the house (which is beyond chaotic) and you can wait in there for Fraser. Friendless later points out that not only was I letting people I really didn’t know into the house, there was $300 or so in cash on the dining table.

18:52 back to car, see Fraser walking down street. Pause to explain why there are 2 people in our home.

19:04 arrive, late, for recorder lesson. While Biggie is at her lesson, Otto and I read her home reading book and play Sherlock, which is Der Plumpsack without the, errm, Plumpsack.

19:25 lesson ends, early, as requested. I load kids into car and call Fraser to say we are en route. He reminds me that I forgot to buy pull-ups for Otto.

19:35 collect our friends’ daughter who was babysitting for us. She was a flower girl at our wedding and now she is at Uni! We chat about perfume and signs of aging. We agree that perfume rocks!!

19:40 run into supermarket, run out

19:45 home. Fraser, Scrabblette and Friendless are playing Ingenious. I change Otto into PJs and order the Bigster to bed.

Dinner was as good as expected. I think we might start buying the babaganoush by the bucket. Also the potato thing with onion and spices. Which was almost certainly only good because of all the oil … but it was GREAT.

I am up 1 kilo this morning ๐Ÿ˜‰

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Two postcards from holidaying friends in one week – how delightful!

Big smoochies to Jon and Ben. A very unexpected treat in my mailbox ๐Ÿ™‚

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Loss of a friend

Phone call from my mother just now, to tell me that she heard today that Marie had died. She was 91.

I met Marie when I was 13, when she started taking classes at my dad’s Bridge club.

Over the years, Marie and her sister kept in touch, stopping for a chat whenever I was at the club, even remembering my birthday. We didn’t see one another much while I was at University – I wasn’t at the club much at that stage – except when my mother and I catered one of the functions. Marie particularly loved a chocolate slice – which I made for Otto’s party yesterday.

Fast forward to my coming back from a year studying in Austria. Dad and I had a regular Bridge date on Mondays for a while, and Marie and her sister were regulars. We always played fast at their table, to make time for the chit-chat about what was going on in our lives. Sometimes I’d go over on other days to have my hair done at the hairdresser up the road, and I’d always pop up to show off whatever he had done that day. I was sure he gave me a discount because of it.

When Fraser learned to play Bridge, they were delighted to get to know him as well. They introduced themselves as “The Aunties” and asked him all the questions that Aunties get to ask. We almost invited them to our wedding, but we just didn’t have room on the guest list.

I haven’t played Bridge since Biggie was born, but stopped by the club regularly until dad retired at the start of last year. The Aunties were delighted to meet my daughters, and told them stories they remembered from my childhood. Biggie was always delighted to hear them – and to be admired, much as the Aunties had admired me in my teens – My parents called them the “Melissa Fan Club” for a while. Marie was – and her sister is – a warm, loyal and affectionate person, always ready with a smile.

The funeral is on Friday – I need to see whether I can rearrange the girls’ after-school pickup so I can go too.

Sadly, too, my mother followed this news up with pressure to take Biggie with me when I go to Essen. I got quite angry, actually. Tonight’s diatribe warned me that the Bigster will “never” forgive me if I do not take her, and “well you have to live with the consequences of your actions.”

I am already so conflicted about taking (or not taking) the Bigster, this is really not constructive. Ugh.

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