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Tonight’s review

Theme well implemented

Felt under-developed – needed to be 20% shorter and much tighter.

Timing seemed off.

Second half seemed to go more smoothly than the first.

Yes folks, I’m talking about the play we saw tonight.

I had the feeling that there was something I wasn’t quite gettingĀ  – maybe it was using a particular dramatic form or structure that I am not familiar with. The history of the play (from a quick read of the quoted review) seems to add something as well.

I did not think it was as bad as the review did. I also note that the star was suffering awful laryngitis and did have to take drinks of water every so often during the play, which broke the tempo a little at times.

It was very nearly outstanding. Just too long, too slow, and too self-conscious, or arch.

Verdict: Inadequate playtesting.

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